Ballmer blames Windows users for not upgrading systems as Microsoft’s biggest security problem

“Microsoft has admitted that it can’t beat hackers all the time, but will do its best,” Nick Farrell reports for The Inquirer. “That argument was quietly put forward by the softly spoken, shy and retiring, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer before Gartner Symposium ITXPO at Lake Buena Vista.”

Nick Farrell, “Steve modestly said that Microsoft knew more about security than anyone else in the world, but hackers were getting much brighter too. He also added that the biggest security problem Microsoft had were customers who did not upgrade their systems.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft blames its customers once again. And yet, many line up to be punched in the face repeatedly by the Redmond Sloth. Amazing, yet sad, too. And how, exactly, Mr. Ballmer, are your unfortunate users supposed to do your job for you when a brand-new, unprotected Windows machine becomes infected with viruses in just 20 minutes on the Internet?

For our Windows-only friends, information about adding a secure, powerful, and fun Mac OS X machine (starting at $799) to your computing arsenal can be found here.

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  1. boy thats ballsy

    “hey everyone, your idiots to use our old software, you better pay us an assload more to make sure you only have to patch your OS 15 times a week instead of 18”

    what an ignorant fool

  2. The statement “Steve modestly said that Microsoft knew more about security than anyone else in the world”

    This comment is disturbing. If Microsoft knows more about security than anyone else, then why are there so many holes in their code? Why are there so many other (apparently not as smart people) that are able to exploit them?

  3. Hoo Boy..

    Yeah that is really bad.. blame customers?! Wow..

    Yeah my buddy finally upgraded about a year ago to XP.. when he did he ‘awakened’ all his dormant XP viruses..

    … That’s what you get WIndows Users.. for dropping 200 bucks on a new version of the same nasty OS (I know I use it often and even put in on my Mac for “fun”)

    Ballmer is pointing the finger at the consumers.. because they aren’t his customers.

    He’s not serving his customers.. he’s serving the DEVELOPERS.

  4. “Steve modestly said that Microsoft knew more about security than anyone else in the world”

    Yea, he puts on his little cop suit and drives around the Microsoft parking lot in a golf cart.

  5. read the actual article. i noted a sense of sarcasm in the tone of Dr. Ballmer’s “modesty” and “quiet” and “soft spoken”ness.

    the media is well aware of his recent rants – “iPod users are thieves” – and his history. it was a tongue-in-cheek report.

  6. Americans aren’t stupid enough to think Kerry is good at anything but marrying rich women, are they?

    Can you imagine that Heinz bitch as first lady?

    And you think the world is laughing at you now.

  7. Irony and sarcasm are sometimes lost on people. The RIAA is suing its customers and Microsoft is blaming their customers. I guess both think the customer is always wrong. The free marketplace must be on extended vacation.

  8. How about that, let’s blame the users for Microsoft’s insecure lousy operating system. Way to go Balmer!

    I think it would be a great time to switch to OSX so you Windows users won’t be blamed anymore.

    Get smart and buy a Mac. Problems solved.

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