Analyst: new Apple mini retail stores could boost market share

“Apple’s mini store strategy could be key to boosting Apple’s PC market share. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster told Business 2.0: ‘In markets with a proven appetite for Apple products, the minis are a less expensive way to saturate the territory. In second-tier markets, they’re a low-risk way to test consumer interest in pricier offerings,'” Macworld UK reports.

“The new stores are half the size of Apple’s smallest stores to date. The company hopes to deploy the stores in locations its previous retail outlets wouldn’t fit. Munster says the stores are likely to carry a full selection of products but push impulse items such as iPods and WiFi,” Macworld UK reports. “He added: ‘They’re going after people who aren’t looking for an Apple experience.'”

Full article here.

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  1. Redwings– you’re right. But your comment reminded me of how sullen things were not too long ago in the Apple world.

    I welcome Captain Obvious. At least he is no longer proclaiming Apple’s impending demise!

  2. We already know that the PowerMacs are not being sold in the mini stores nor are the stand alone displays. eMacs are also missing, though this could be a sign that new ones are coming soon. In all fairness the article could have been written prior to the openings last week…. or, Herman needs to get back to his tv series!

  3. I think they should open a $#!t-load of these little stores all over the place – specifically where they don’t already have the full sized Apple stores to begin with…

    Greater exposure = increased market share

    Up in the sky, it’s a cloud, the Sun…

    …It’s Captain Obvious!

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