Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger to feature QuickTime Sharing with Mail and .Mac integration

“QuickTime 6.6, which could likely turn into QuickTime 7.0 just prior to its release, has been under development alongside Tiger. With most of the technical enhancement in place, Apple has begun to integrate,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

“The latest builds of QuickTime Player sport a pair of handy options that will allow users to quickly share media files by publishing them to a .Mac account or through e-mail attachments. The sharing dialog for both options lets users select a file size–small, medium, or large–and then provides an export summary, including approximate file size, audio quality and expected frame-rates,” Jade reports. “Sources also say the new version of QuickTime Player will leave all premium (QuickTime Pro) menu options visible to the non-paying user through the player’s menus. Users who have not upgraded to QuickTime Pro will be able to see the Pro options, albeit grayed out and disabled.”

More info and screenshots here.


  1. Also practical in the sense that it immediately gives you feed back that you have successfully upgraded- something I found irratating when at least one of my options no longer worked from my previous pro version making me wonder.

  2. Greyed out parts of the menu will only confuse a lot of people, as they will wonder why that option “doesn’t work”. I know it is better than the reminders, but has the potential for “ill will” from some.

  3. Hopefully that will encourage the adaption of video email, which to this date hasn’t taken off by the mass market. I think that should be an automatic option if one wishes to send a message to a .Mac or AIM user who currently isn’t online. Also, the ability to send a video message to someone’s cellphone should be encouraged.

  4. With iChat’s multiuser video conferencing, an option to record should be added for sending the conference to absentees or for archiving purposes. I still think that a shared whiteboard utilizing InkPad and or other input methods should be added as well as the ability to choose shared applications for team programming, screenwriting, shared music composition, etc.

  5. All programs should have a “share” and attach iSight button, that would let you invite an iChat buddy to look over and share an application for collaberation. Input actions could be recorded as well so that how to videos could easily be made that would show how something is done at the same time as doing it for you. Instant Video Professor for Mac!

  6. eon: “Hopefully that will encourage the adaption of video email, …”

    Just what we need. And I thought getting Word encrypted Email was bad enough. Email is quite happy and useful in plain text mode, especially when most Emails are just sending text in any case.

    Video Email seems (for the most part) just a waste of resources ( though it rarely may actually be useful). If you really need video or even just audio on your Email maybe it is enough to have the Mac read it out for you … I believe that some folks (I forget where I read it) are interested in having Email voices similar to the real voices of the senders. At least we can hope that Email stays lightweight and requiring low bandwidth. Just imagine spam in video Email format … Argghhhhh!

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