Are you ignoring the power of Apple’s iSync for Mac OS X?

“How does an ordinary mortal take advantage of the kind of networks we have now? Answer: download iSync 1.5, install it on your Mac, and prepare to know all about your work, social and family schedules, wherever you happen to be,” Garry Barker writes for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Surprisingly, many Mac users have yet to employ iSync to the full extent of its power, or even use it at all. Electronic Xanadu awaits them. For instance, with iSync to help, no longer will you arrive, ashen-faced, having forgotten to bring home the bacon, or whatever else it was that the Minister for Home Affairs requested as you left in the morning: iSync will have put your note to yourself, along with an alarm if you wish, on to your PDA, your mobile phone, your PC and your .Mac website,” Barker writes.

“If you use an iPod, a mobile phone and a PDA such as a Palm, iSync makes sure all devices have your data, using calendar application iCal and Address Book, both free with Mac OS X, as the databases. You can include multiple Macs, anywhere on the net… Tiger, the next version of Mac OS X, will have iSync built in. This will make getting all your stuff into a nice orderly heap even easier,” Barker writes.

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  1. I have only phone numbers in my cell phone. I was visiting with my sister and she asked me for a friend’s address. A couple of clicks and spins later and it was on the display of my iPod. And all that info was placed in both devices via iSync.

  2. I Sync my calendars and Address Book to my iPod and .Mac stuff. It’s nice having my Safari Bookmarks and Address book on any computer Mac or PC.

    Hmm, Istanbul…sounds like a program that would give you malaria or ‘the runs’. I have nothing against the real Istanbul or Constantinople, just saying ^_^.

  3. the feature iSync really needs is the ability to sync address book contacts across multiple .Mac accounts.

    I’d love to share my address book with my family.

    Seems this should be an easy feature to implement.

  4. I have all my contacts on my ipod – I threw my palm PDA in the bin 2 years ago!

    I have no need emailing people via mobile phone/pda – my ipod does it all, contacts, calenders, alarms, urls etc etc – AND PLAYS MY MUSIC!!

  5. OK, I should have said iSync is near useless without .Mac, and not totally useless.

    I mean come on folks, the main benefit of iSync is to sync your address book and safari faves – both of which you cant do without .Mac.

    I tried .Mac for a year – nice but way overpriced for what it was and the email services was frequently down or slow or blocked or somethin.

  6. Apple promotes iTMS as the best because you get to own not rent your music, yet .Mac and iSync do just that – most of the functionality only works as long as you subscribe.

    Backup for example is useless as soon as you stop paying …

    Now you have some extra billions in the bank Apple hows about a better solution?

  7. I have contacts synced to my iPod. I have an old phone that I have no intention of replacing, and I usually don’t have fully up to date numbers in it (I use it maybe twice a quarter, so this is hardly surprising).

    Recently was on holiday and near an old friend. Didn’t know the address, number not in phone: iPod to the rescue.

  8. harry said:

    >>I mean come on folks, the main benefit of iSync is to sync your address book and safari faves – both of which you cant do without .Mac.

    Not sure what your authority is, but says who? AB and bookmark syncing in .mac is unimportant to me. Sure, it’s there, but I never use it. What matters to me is syncing my two phones and iPod with phone number & iCal data.

  9. iSync also needs to sync email. It should be doing what Blackberry RIM does…no?

    In the meantime all of this is soo easy to do with Mac/Palm/Entourage on a Treo 600.

  10. I completely agree with the author – iSync has to be one of the most powerful pieces of software I’ve ever seen.

    We use it across 5 macs with each mac having peripheral devices which sync at each computer (cell phones, palms, etc.). There certainly are some nuances to getting it to work properly, but in general it delivers what it promises. I love it because it’s allowed to me lessen the number of devices that I carry. My wife loves it because she can make changes to her schedule that are reflected on my computer and peripherals accross town.

  11. I just find it so un-Apple that iSync requires .Mac when so many people have free webspace that will do the trick just as well. Or, why can’t i synch my two Macs via the free space on my iPod? Especially as a company that has really embraced the net and all aspects of networking, this seems like a pure cash grab. Like i said, un-Apple.

    I agree that the biggest gap right now for me is iTunes Library synching. I spend hours doing little things to my music files’ tags which i then dread having to keep track of to repeat on my other Mac. I would gladly pay for this feature.

  12. Istanbullcrap? C’mon, who is the guy responsible for coming up with Win$in’s code names? Does he actually get PAID to come up with these wonderful, creative names? Longhorn, HA! Istanbul, HA!
    The guy who said “instant bull” yesterday said it best.

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