Are you ignoring the power of Apple’s iSync for Mac OS X?

“How does an ordinary mortal take advantage of the kind of networks we have now? Answer: download iSync 1.5, install it on your Mac, and prepare to know all about your work, social and family schedules, wherever you happen to be,” Garry Barker writes for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Surprisingly, many Mac users have yet to employ iSync to the full extent of its power, or even use it at all. Electronic Xanadu awaits them. For instance, with iSync to help, no longer will you arrive, ashen-faced, having forgotten to bring home the bacon, or whatever else it was that the Minister for Home Affairs requested as you left in the morning: iSync will have put your note to yourself, along with an alarm if you wish, on to your PDA, your mobile phone, your PC and your .Mac website,” Barker writes.

“If you use an iPod, a mobile phone and a PDA such as a Palm, iSync makes sure all devices have your data, using calendar application iCal and Address Book, both free with Mac OS X, as the databases. You can include multiple Macs, anywhere on the net… Tiger, the next version of Mac OS X, will have iSync built in. This will make getting all your stuff into a nice orderly heap even easier,” Barker writes.

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  1. iSync not…

    Microsoft has the better tool “Istanbul” along with the soon to be released “Longhorn”

    …will leave the non-IT world Apple based software in the dust..

  2. You’re right Sputnik, Istanbul will effortlessly synchronize all of your viruses, trojans, and spyware to any other machine that you use it on, so as to deliver a consistant Windows user experience.

  3. Firstly, can’t wait to see the responses of those who don’t get Sputnik’s sense of ironic wit.

    Secondly – for an Australian ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” /> – Mr. Barker is talking a lot of sense: iSync possibly is a contender for the most well-kept secret in the Mac OS X world.

    I’ve managed major rollout projects for Win2K and XP in large corporates, and the single biggest pain-in-the-ass in the post-migration support phase is getting things like PDAs and (more often) phones working with Outlook.

    iSync in comparison is the Rosetta Stone of sync software and Apple really should make of this unsung hero.

  4. iSync switched my published calendars on my Powerbook to subscribed calendars. So, as far as I can tell they’re no longer editable. Otherwise, iSync IS great, but what a pain that glitch is.

  5. I think Sputnik is actually a huge Mac fan. Perhaps he’s even a creation of one of the regulars here…

    He’s been rather lame lately, but “iSync not” was pretty good.

  6. My Moto v710 synced right up with iSync. I gave up trying to sync it at work, even with the included software. Of course, Moto won’t guarantee that it’ll work with a Mac, but, trust me, it works far better with a Mac than without!

  7. >> Harry says:i Sync is useless if you dont have .Mac.

    Totally not true. I use iSync to sync my Motorola V60i mobile phone to my Mac all the time (I don’t have .mac — I refuse to use subscription services).

    It is true that you can’t iSync multiple macs to each other w/o .Mac. There is no technical reason why this shouldn’t be possible if they can talk to each other across the network, but this is one of Apples ways to get a revenue stream from people who want a feature.

    Personally, I think that stinks. Why do I want to pay $100/year for something that should be free. I don’t want or need most of what .Mac has to offer.

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