Apple begins selling pre-release version of Mac OS X 10.4 ‘Tiger’

Apple is offering pre-release versions of Mac


  1. I am looking forward OS X 10.4 and hope that it features good dual G4 optimisations. I skipped on updating to OS X 10.3 so my expectations are high; people who use Panther say good things about it and Tiger is supposed to be even better. With a recommended video card it could be snappier than Jaguar but I will reserve my judgement until 2005.

  2. NoPCZone wrote:
    “Apple gave an early version of the SDK for Tiger at the WWDC this year. The new kit is refined and more updated, with changes/developments since June.”

    Hogwash. I’m a Select ADC member and there’s a page on the ADC site for this “Tiger Early Start Kit for Developers” that says “Click here if you are already a Select or Premier member” and upon clicking you are taken to a page that basically says “You already have everything that’s in the TESKfD.” See for yourself:

    Nothing is “refined” or “more updated”.

    I wish people that don’t know any better would stop talking smack.

  3. or are you implying that in 5 months development has mysteriously stopped?

    Build number for Tiger WWDC was 8A162 – if I remember correctly – (I should reboot into Tiger to check and I am lazy).

    Tiger is now in the 8A2xx range of build numbers.

  4. What he’s *saying* is that apple is simply “remarketing” the ADC Select membership…as is obvious to ever Select member, Of course, there is always *somebody* that wants to make thngs into what they are not, so apple provided a “see? you already have this” link to make it *clear*. Select members already have all of that, and will continue to receive seeds until their membership expires.

    So in effect, and reality, its nothing “new”


  5. mrkai: I do not think that was ever implied, and by the time the SDK for Tiger reaches the customers it will probably be few seeds older than what available with a Select ADC membership.

    “Apple gave an early version of the SDK for Tiger at the WWDC this year. The new kit is refined and more updated, with changes/developments since June.”

    I guess the key is in “since June”. The SDK Apple is selling is not what has been distributed for free at WWDC.

    Comments like “hogwash” and “Nothing is “refined” or “more updated” ” are of little relevance to all non-Select ADC member which are the vast majority.

    BTW, people collaborating with Apple in testing the new dynamic linker or gfortran (or other parts) receive versions that are ahead of any seed released to ADC developers, hence, nothing new with a Select membership, actually they receive rather *old* seeds. Does that then entitles to reply to a phrase like “Select members already have all of that” with:

    Hogwash, what you get is nothing new nor updated nor refined.

    I hope you see the logic in there.

  6. Spend money to make money.

    If you don’t want the DEVELOPERS EDITION of Tiger, then don’t buy it. Wait until the Gold version, then enjoy the seamless integration that any SW Developer can design, and thank you lucky stars that Apple are here.

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