Apple adds $1,499 1.8 GHz model to 64-bit Power Mac G5 line

Apple today added


  1. librium: they have to make it cheap & cobble it a bit so it doesn’t cannibalize the heavy iron dual G5s. Its $900 cheaper here in Oz than the dual 1.8 which is a lot so of course you won’t get same performance.

  2. why buy this instead of an imac g5? and its the same form factor as all the other g5 towers, so whats the advantage? expansion? for the 90% of users that dont need 5 ethernet cards, this is not an enticing option, especially given the price, and the low frontside bus

  3. No, this is not the ‘headless Mac’.

    This is to tidy them over until they introduce it.

    The ‘headless Mac’ will be a new design, half the size, and cheaper.

    Think new iMac … without the screen and add two slots – a sleek, stylish ‘tower’.


  4. This IS the headless Mac – but Apple needs to put it in a different box. The metal Power Mac G5 enclosure is too ‘full on’ to attract a ‘serious’ home user or office worker who might find its large size and extreme design too much for their comfort. I wish Apple would come up with a way to reuse or develop the Cube for this sector.

  5. If there are going to be single processor Powermacs then Apple might as well adapt the design for them. The space inside that would be used for the second processor is wasted; it could be used for more hard drives, PCI slots or a second optical drive.

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