Preservationists battle Apple CEO Steve Jobs over his ‘dump’ of a house

“A battle has erupted between Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs and a group of local preservationists over the future of a 78-year old mansion on Jobs’ property. Jobs wants to move the 12,000-square foot house off his land and build a newer, smaller one. But local preservationists want him to restore the house, which is projected to cost about $10 million,” The Associated Press reports.

“Meanwhile, Dr. Timothy Chuter, a vascular surgeon at University of California, San Francisco wants to move the house to his eight-acre property nearby. He and at least 30 other people have expressed interest in the house, many prompted by an article in This Old House magazine,” AP reports. “Woodside’s planning commission granted Jobs a demolition permit in June, but the town council will hear an appeal next month lodged by three preservationists who hope the council will overturn the decision.”

“The house was built in 1926 for copper baron Daniel C. Jackling. It was designed by George Washington Smith, whose Pettigrew House in Palo Alto is on the National Register of Historic Places,” AP reports. “Jobs bought the house in 1984 for $2 million and lived in it as a bachelor for 10 years before marrying and moving to Palo Alto with his family. Jobs has publicly called the house ‘a dump’ and has criticized its construction and materials. The town is developing a historic preservation ordinance, but that could take at least a year.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Let Jobs move the house. thereby preserving it, and then he can build something with good construction and materials. That would seem to be a simple, logical solution? Welcome to California! When it all gets worked out, we bet Jonathan Ive could design one heck of a house.


  1. Heh, looks like Steve is now seeing the dark side of the libbie politicians and radical leftist SF area groups that he usually so heavily supports. Serves him right…

  2. Ooooh, stick a label on people!

    Radical leftist – gimme a break.

    A radical leftist is the Baader-Meinhof Gang, or the Brigate Rosso. Not people who believe in preserving old houses.

    Unless you’re slightly to the right of Atilla The Hun, in which case anyone who believes in the preservation of the environment, genuine democracy, civil liberties or scientific progress is of course a threat to the state.

    Sometimes I wonder where Americans get their ideas, and then when I find out I tend to wish I hadn’t bothered.

  3. Agreed, MDN. Jobs wants to move the house and interested parties exist to receive it. That would seem to offer the most comprising solution. Bottom line, though, it’s his house, on his property the last 20 years — if he wanted to tear it down, then it’s his right (although unless it’s totally uninhabitable I’d hate to see it torn down). Moving it to another property would cost a pretty penny also, I bet.

  4. MCCFR I agree, I am really starting to despise the US Presidential election. I’m sick of having to put up with discussions always going off topic and turning into big political debate where people start acting like children and start name calling. The sooner the election is over the better, this childish behaviour is really uncalled for in a mac related forum.

    Anyway back on topic, I agree with historic preservation but I also emphasise with Steve. Living in a hertitage listed house can be a real pain in the arse, especially when you want to renovate. Hopefully they will come to an agreement.

  5. Have you guys seen the house. Spanish Revival: it looks like crap. Even if it was in good condition it would still look pretty bad. Still must be some piece of land or else why would you bother.
    Refreshing (or bad depends on your outlook) that no matter how much money Jobs has he still has problems with his local council like the rest of us. In Aussie here its the same with all-powerful councils.

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