Highlights from Apple’s fiscal Q4 04 conference call

Apple yesterday revealed some interesting notes about the company’s financials in its quarterly conference call. Apple confirmed the opening of new “mini” Apple Stores, talked about an expanded marketing campaign with U2, noted strong education sales, increases in iPod revenue, continued G5 chip constraints during the September quarter, and more. MacNN has detailed notes and highlights from the call here.


  1. interesing figures

    49% of Mac’s (sold) are still inservive
    30% of PC’s (Sold) are still in service

    25% – 40% of New PC sales are replacement/

    40% 45% New Mac Sales are to PC owners

    Mac’s actually constiture 6.4% total active computers

  2. my G4 cube still runs the newest Photoshop and Other grfx apps with no problem. It runs the newest OS better than ever. Unfortunatly I cannot play the newest games, but soon I will upgrade my GPU (32 or 64 mg RAM, Im not sure yet) Ill be able to get another 2 years for myself, and 3-4 for my kids. TCO is what keeps Apple’s “marketshare” so low, If Mac users switched as often as PC users, we would average 5% at least.

    Also how many of that 95% is in sales of 10 or more to corporations and businesses?

    Apple has close to 20% in education, 65% in grafx media, what is the % of home users vs non-media related businesses?

  3. The delays in shipping G5 chips must be hurting Apple. I know it’s hurting me. I ordered an iMac G5 from the store on Sept 25th and still haven’t received a shipping date. Nothing special in my order except the wireless bundle.

  4. From several sources, and some personal analysis.

    The 49% 30% is from actual ships of PC and Macs
    vers what is estimated in publication of the ‘active’
    for each.

    the 25% 40% is also from two PC publications that have two different estimates of replacements %

    The others are from resent announcements


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