Run Mac OS X on a Windows PC with CherryOS emulator?

“A Hawaiian company specializing in streaming video claims to have developed a $50 software emulator that allows a Windows PC to run Apple Computer’s Mac OS X. Maui X-Stream on Tuesday announced CherryOS, a virtual PC that mimics the hardware of a G4 Mac,” Leander Kahney reports for Wired News.

“The company said it is already working on a stand-alone version that cuts out Windows XP. A stand-alone version of CherryOS would allow OS X to run on a cheap commodity PC without the added expense of Microsoft’s operating system — provided the emulator works and Apple’s lawyers ever allow it to see the light of day,” Kahney reports.

“Available as a 7-MB download, the CherryOS software emulates a G4 processor and includes the chip’s multimedia-boosting Velocity Engine, formerly known as AltiVec. It also features support for USB, FireWire and ethernet. It automatically detects hardware and network connections, the company said,” Kahney reports. “According to [the developer], CherryOS performs at about 80 percent of the speed of the PC host’s hardware.”

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  1. oldmacfan,
    Yes, it was indeed sarcasm. The experience of using Mac OS X is slightly diminished if used on a less than adequate computer. The design from Apple coupled with superior software creates an unmatched user experience. Anything less than the complete package leaves the user unsatisfied.
    Like putting iPod software inside of a Dell DJ, it would definitely be an improvement to the Dell DJ, but why settle for less when you can have it all?

  2. Why do you all really care about this babble. Do you use a PC, if so, then why are you here, dreaming of being a Mac user? If you don�t then you already use a great OS. Stop with all this talk about market share, and blah, blah.

    Steve Jobs doesn�t want to be the richest man in the world, say again, Steve Jobs doesn�t want to be the richest man in the world…there is a difference to the thinking of Apple to Microsoft. Apple = Quality. Microsoft = Quantity. Read the Q&A interview over at business week.

  3. mike:

    I think that you miss the point regarding how emulation can certainly reduce the potential for Apple to sell more Macintosh computers even if sales of OS X increase.

    If a person can emulate Apple�s OS on a PC where would Apple find the demand for Macintosh computers? People with PC’s would most likely spend $50 for software versus $800 plus for a Mac to run OS X.

    Apple would still produce the software for the operating system, which means that sales for OS X would increase, but Mac sales would not likely increase in proportion to OS sales.

    You see, without a need for current PC owners to buy a Macintosh computer there is no great advantage for Apple to continue to manufacture and design Macs. Bummer. I still like the looks and functionality of my Mac, and there are no PC�s that I would want on my desk, period.

  4. If it’s true, I think it would help Apples bottom line. I highly doubt that many Mac-heads would go and buy a PC after owning a true Mac, and I bet that many PC heads would try OS X out, and perhaps some of them would then buy a Mac upon their next purchase. I think this would far outweigh the deserters of Apple hardware.

  5. Bill Gates and Steve Balmer of Microsoft and Michael Dell of Dell Computer have combined forces.

    The Group of Three (aka the Unholy Alliance) has bought Maui X-Stream and all rights to CherryOS for an undisclosed amount of cash.

    Arben Kryeziu is now reported to be the second richest man in the world.

    Orders for CherryOS will no longer be honored or accepted.

    Calls to CherryOS indicate telephone service has been disconnected.

    The online service has also been discontinued.

    Life returns to normal.

    Time to get back to work.

  6. Marty, I hear that this new Pickle OS run on potato chips, too. They�re a lot cheaper than those silicon thingamabobs plus they�re edible. Stack potato chips two together and you have a dual-processor! You can even get a bi-lingual version that runs on tortilla chips. For nature lovers there�s the cow chip. Reports of a chocolate chip are unfounded; they melt in your motherboard. Rumors have surfaced that sugar-coated chocolate chips are less heat sensitive.

    Hey, Marty, please submit a review to MDN before the weekend!

  7. So if the emulator isn’t a scam, all Apple has to do is release an x86-compiled version of OS X. Just look at the roots of OS X, there was an x86 version. I somehow think Apple keeps it growing in a back lab somewhere…

  8. This has scam written all over it. If they really did have this they’d certainly be charging a lot more than $50 for it.

    And yes, rumor is that Apple does have a version of OS X that runs on x86 but it probably will never see the light of day. Kind of like how the iPod has the ability to play WMAs but it’s blocked off. It’s there if they need it but hopefully they never will.

  9. Geeez, do we really have to regrind this old argument all over again?!

    Apple is a HARDWARE company.
    They make an integrated OS, custom designed for their hardware, so they can offer a stable and secure “whole widget’.

    I have no doubt that someone can emulate the G4 on an Intel or AMD CPU, but it is almost worthless as Apple will not support the use of their OS on anything but their own hardware. All you’ll have is a very buggy operating system without anyone to turn to for help.

    Go ahead a cram a Porche engine into a Hyundai thinking it will run like a Porsche. I am sure you can do it, but if it runs like crap, don’t be surprised. There is something to be said for buying the whole widget.

    The whole is often greater than merely the sum of its parts.

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