Run Mac OS X on a Windows PC with CherryOS emulator?

“A Hawaiian company specializing in streaming video claims to have developed a $50 software emulator that allows a Windows PC to run Apple Computer’s Mac OS X. Maui X-Stream on Tuesday announced CherryOS, a virtual PC that mimics the hardware of a G4 Mac,” Leander Kahney reports for Wired News.

“The company said it is already working on a stand-alone version that cuts out Windows XP. A stand-alone version of CherryOS would allow OS X to run on a cheap commodity PC without the added expense of Microsoft’s operating system — provided the emulator works and Apple’s lawyers ever allow it to see the light of day,” Kahney reports.

“Available as a 7-MB download, the CherryOS software emulates a G4 processor and includes the chip’s multimedia-boosting Velocity Engine, formerly known as AltiVec. It also features support for USB, FireWire and ethernet. It automatically detects hardware and network connections, the company said,” Kahney reports. “According to [the developer], CherryOS performs at about 80 percent of the speed of the PC host’s hardware.”

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  1. “You benefit from the lower cost and faster speed of the PC, and still keep the use of your Macintosh applications.”

    My G5 runs circles around any PC I’ve used and the ones I own. But if this can spur OS sales for Apple, then cool.

  2. Check out the thread about this on Slashdot. It appears that this is some home grown scam, possibly based on the Sourceforge Pear PC emulator. Even if it were true, installing OS X on anything other than an Apple branded computer violates Apple’s Terms of Use. And no, the white stickers don’t count. : )

    From the Panther EULA:

    2. Permitted License Uses and Restrictions.

    A. This License allows you to install and use one copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-labeled computer at a time.

  3. Slashdot, and OSnews both covered this.

    no body can actually get to the product.

    Also claims that the emulator will give you 80% of the processor seem odd.

    Virtual PC, Pear PC exsit.

  4. Isn’t this what Apple should have done years ago?

    If Microshaft can make billion$ on a pi$$-poor O$, think how much Apple could have made by now, and how much a better place the world would be…

  5. Everyone’s skeptical now, but if these guys actually make an emulator that will run a legit copy of OSX on a PC (@ around 90% speed), then Apple’s computer business model will change overnight.

    Yes the Apple lawyers are circling the wagons right now, but here’s the rub: according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation if Maui X-Stream produces a G5 environment emulator which will allow one to run a legit copy of OSX, then they are not breaking any copyright laws. Think about this….it’s the same situation that the maker of virtual PC was doing before MS bought them

    Either Apple will have to substantially reduce their hardware costs or just become a software company and sell OSX to PC users. Even the most diehard PC user respects OSX, but most don’t want to part with their PC hardware – this may change everything……

  6. It will not boost OS sales by much. If a 1,000 PC users get the emulator, I bet that less then 5% would actually buy OS X.

    PC people do not care about the cost of software, they have a tendency to steal it if it is not at BestBuy or Circuit City. I bet CherryOS will be highly pirated too. Bout the same number of people who steal the Mac OS will pilfer the CherryOS too.

    Keep in mind that this is a broad generalization, but EVERY PC user I know… WITHOUT exception has stolen software, and Kazaa loaded among others to help get the software to their computer.

    I know… it is sad that I have “friends” that use PCs. A couple of them tell me that they are going to repent for their computing sins and get a Mac next time…. but we’ll see.

    The Dude abides.

  7. If Cherry can run OS X at 90% the same speed (or better) as OS X on a G4 (1.25 GHz with 1.67 MHz bus) this could be the demise of Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Macintosh computers.

    I hope that people who want a beautiful and functional computer will also demand that Apple continue to design and produce Macs.

  8. meat of moose.. er.. which is it… MS and Apple both go out of business, eh?

    You know more about this shit than I do.. surely you realized apple makes money from these emu progs

  9. It’s a scam – you heard it here for the 3 millionth time.

    If anything, it shows a genuine interest for the product and a definate market that needs filled.

    Even more it shows people really want Mac OS X… with or without the hardware.

    Windows is an inferior OS, plain and simple.

  10. Instead of fighting them, Apple should start selling full-licensed version of OSX for $1000, which will run on PearPC, CherryPC or IBM Power workstations (may be $2000 version for IBM workstations). The price of full-licensed version should cover loss of at least one PowerMac sale. The upgrade version will need to check if it is being installed on Genuine Apple or Apple emulater with license.

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