Apple shares rocket in after hours trading on strong earnings report

Shares of Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) are rising sharply after the bell on Wednesday after the computer firm posted a stellar quarterly net profit of $106 million on $2.35 billion revenue with iPod shipments topping 2 million.

Apple shares currently stand at $42.10 up $3.81 in after hours trading after gaining $1.46 to close at $39.75 in regular Nasdaq trade.

NASDAQ After Hours Trading quotes here.


  1. So basically Apple spent 2.35 Billion, made their money back, plus an extra 106 million. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for 106 million. I mean, that’s probably how much lose change is rolling around in Bill Gates’ couch.

  2. As Steve Jobs said in the BusinessWeek interview, Apple is NOT about being the biggest or making the most money. Apple is about making great products and as long as they can continue to do that, everyone is happy.

    The Q4 results show that Apple will have the ability to continue making great products, and THAT is what is truly important (regardless of how much loose change Bill Gates has)

  3. Theolonius…you had a billion active brain cells and just used up half those thinking about your post. It wasn’t worth that effort ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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