Microsoft releases Office 2004 for Mac Service Pack 1

The Macintosh Business Unit (Mac BU) at Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Office 2004 for Mac via Microsoft AutoUpdate. Customers are encouraged to download SP1; it addresses potential security issues and bugs that their feedback played an important role in identifying. New to Office 2004, Microsoft Error Reporting Protocol (MERP) allows customers to communicate bug data anonymously to Microsoft, enabling efficient fixes and helping increase the overall stability of Office 2004.

“Our customers who use Office for Mac every day are a valuable resource because they put the product to the test in real-life scenarios that expand on our experiences in the lab,” said Scott Erickson, group product manager for the Mac BU at Microsoft in the press release. “We strive to deliver the best possible product experience through extensive testing and by gathering customer feedback. This helps us determine issues to address within a service pack and prioritize which improvements will make the most difference.”

When an issue occurs, MERP gives customers the choice to anonymously communicate data to Microsoft so developers can pinpoint and solve issues that affect users. While Microsoft proactively worked to improve Office 2004 through thousands of its own tests, new tools such as MERP played a large part after the product shipped in determining fixes included in SP1.

A service pack is a tested, cumulative set of security and critical updates following an initial product release, along with fixes for problems found by Microsoft or through MERP data provided by customers and through customer support calls. Customers will be notified and can download Office
2004 for Mac SP1 via Microsoft AutoUpdate. In addition, customers can download SP1 for Office 2004 from ; Office X and 2001 users may also visit the Web site to receive new security updates and bug fixes specific to their product versions.

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  1. Oh Dear GOD!!!

    We are now applying SERVICE PACKS TO OUR MAC’s?!!


    I use Appleworks, it’s not as feature rich as OfficeMac but it Reads/Write Word and Excel files.

    Been using it fine for many many years.

    You don’t need OfficeMac, you don’t need to take the security risk, you don’t need to support the evil of Microsoft.

    Encourage and use OpenOffice as it’s cross platform if possible, learn to think for yourself and quick getting sucked into Microsoft “corporate mentality” you’ll never get rich working in corporate America, you’ll just get by.

    Break out of the rut and take a chance, the more you learn the more you can do to make the millions.

    Corporate America is SLAVERY!!!


  2. Oh, man, this is a bummer revelation. I have Office on my Mac. I feel dirty, violated, and ill. I feel like a Windows user. I suppose that I should be grateful that I don’t have to pay to upgrade to Office 2004.

  3. Everyday I have to dress up like some stuckup baffoon and look like a kiss *ss.

    Sit at my booring cubical, using some depressing garbage of a OS “Windoze” for 8 hours a day.

    I get home I crank my Dual PowerMac G5 on my rocking 23″ Cinema Display, fragging the cr*p out of people online, surfing the net without a care, recieving eMails without having to run anti-virus software and just plain having fun!

    Then it’s back to the dull boring corporate job in the morning, like it’s a contest to see who can act the most stolic. These people don’t know how to live.

    To be happy you need to get rid of things that are junk and employ happy things.

    PC’s and Windoze are dull boring garbage, Mac’s are cool.

  4. I use Office.

    Apple needs their own Office suite.

    AppleWorks needs a total rehaul.

    We have Mail and Keynote, we just need a robust equivalent to Word and Excel, bundled into, oh maybe, iOffice?

  5. I for one, love Office (well- specifically Excel and Entourage).

    Excel is an amazing app and until someone comes out with soemthing as functional, Excel will be my Spreadsheet app of choice.
    Entourage is nice email App for the business user. It is very robust with a nice underlying database structure.

    Didn’t Excel oringinally come out on the mac first?

  6. 1: You have to do what you have to do to make the money.

    2: You live below 50% of your income and invest the rest wisely and conservatively. Yes this may entail living in a trailer 20 miles in the woods and cooking all your own meals and not partying.

    3: When you get enough saved or can get loans or gifts you buy a small apartment building or a house that you can chop up to make apartments.

    4: You rent to good people, you keep your units in good shape yourself for many years so you keep good people. Maximize your income by eliminating turnover.

    5: Real estate values almost always go up, pick a area that they will, near the water and islands are always a good choice.

    6: Continue to work your job and maintain the rentals on the weekends.

    7: Your income will start to grow, buy another house and rent out apartments in it.

    8: Eventually you’ll come across houses people sell dirt cheap and you can fix them up yourself and resell.

    9: After that you have a few real estate agents constantly looking for cheap properties for you, sometimes old folks just give away their homes for less than market value. Snatch them up, fix them up and resell them.

    10: Quit your job, your rich. Just maintain a moderate living standard, don’t sit idle or you’ll be back working a job again.

    Money accumulates on it’s own after you have reached “critical mass” then you see people chasing you for money.


  7. Yep, here come the OFFICEMAC APOLOGISTS, go back to Redmond you piece of garbage.

    “I use OfficeMac, it’s so nice, I just like how it controls me and abuses me with security issues”

    “All my buisness and banking information just went unchecked across the internet, do I care? Oh no, I’m just a M$ kiss ass with a Mac computer, I don’t know where I stand”

  8. Don’t you all see what M$ is doing here?

    They have a trojan and it’s called OfficeMac, it’s all shiney on the outside but it’s pure mindf*ck on the inside.

    1: Sucks you into M$ mentality and acceptance.

    2: Opens your Mac to security issues.

    Trust me, do what I do and never let a piece of software from that company on your Mac.

    It’s the Stockholm Syndrome all over again.

    Demand Apple put out a iOffice suit or use Open Office or Appleworks, use interchangable formats.

    Rebel, or lose your free will. You decide.

  9. Anyone have any actual information about this release? Specifically, did they add back the SMTP tunneling feature of Entourage v.X ? That’s all that’s preventing me from upgrading to 2004.

    You gotta like “Service Packs”. It’s a little upgrade. If you buy software and get a free upgrade/update, be happy for crying out loud! Be a little realistic. The MS Mac group does make some OK software. I don’t see anything comparable in office products from Apple…

  10. Has anyone actually installed this SP w/ the reporting “feature”? I’m curious as to how it was implemented. MS loooves to install everything as a freaking service and have it run in the background constantly consuming resources, opening ports, and providing new opportunities for security vulnerabilities. There’s no way I want an MS daemon running on my Macs. If I recognize something new or foreign when running top, it gets stopped and I find and uninstall the offending application.

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