Motley Fool Commentator: Apple’s ‘a rotten, slowing, sub-par nerd-niche operator with a shiny surfac

“Apple fans don’t want to hear it. Analysts don’t want to say it. But here it is: Apple’s ready for a mighty big fall. The Borg-like fidelity of Mac zealots, coupled with misplaced enthusiasm for the firm’s nifty gadgets and a giant dose of media hype, has conspired to push the stock far beyond a rational valuation,” Seth Jayson writes for The Motley Fool in his oh-so-uniquely titled article, “Apple Is Rotten.” We get it, an apple is a fruit that could get rotten. We’ve only seen a couple hundred thousand of this exact headline so far.

“‘Think different?’ I’ve always found this key slogan in Apple’s marketing to be troubling, and not just because it shows that CEO Steve Jobs needs to brush up on his fifth-grade grammar. (Hey Stev-o, buy yourself an adverb!) It’s creepy and ironic because Mac fans — especially the ones who write me — are about as freethinking as the lovely ladies of Stepford. They’re like a pack of Moonies telling a congregation of Snakehandlers, ‘You’re brainwashed. Join us to free your mind.'” Jayson writes. “In fact, it simply means you’ve got less consumer freedom, not more. Think I’m making this up? Ha! Count the PC vs. Mac software packages at your neighborhood Best Buy. Try using your iPod with competing software. Try using any non-Apple MP3 player with iTunes. This is more than a question of tech theology: Mac’s legendary insularity


  1. (Was that really SJ posting that comment above? If not, why provide an email address?)

    I’ve been thinking about my addiction to Macs. It’s true, I have one. I eat, breath and sleep Macs. I have for 15 years, and I don’t see an end to it anytime soon. I just wish I could contribute more to the Mac community than just my more-the-often comments on boards like this. Maybe I’ll get into Podcasting.

    The mere fact that this guy uses the number of applications at a computer store is an indicator that he doesn’t understand that Macs are ahead of the game when it comes to obtaining software. 90% of the software I use has been obtained online. I’ve never purchased software from a brick-and-morter store, and I have more software than I can use in a month.

    He’s also missing something else. Macs are not PCs. They’re a completely different species. Sure, they may be made of the same silicon chips and bits and bytes, but the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. My Mac works and does everything I ask of it, so where is the limitation?

    He’s just wrong.

  2. Just like punk rock, book worms don’t understand the importance of being defferent from the mainstream. It is different and I’m glad retards like this jackass are scared of it.

  3. I think he was just using a bit of hyperbole to illustrate a point for a Point/Counterpoint piece. He used vague ideas and grandiose language to move your soul. Believe me, the mac guy will use the same writing functions.

    It’s just like the onion.

    Don’t take too much stock in what he’s saying. I bet that the writer doesn’t too.

  4. Yeah.. that was pretty bad.. he didn’t mention the iPod marketshare..

    .. the fact that for Apple, a .5% increase in marketshare is…pretty much a 33% increase!

    Look at the iTMS marketshare.. look at what their doing in Retail.. we have Tiger coming up as (what he called.. no new products).. and likely a new eMac, right..?

  5. Yes, it’s a point/counterpoint couple of articles. This guy got the counterpoint, so give him a little break.

    Also, his point is that Apple is overvalued, at its current price, relative to other stocks. Unless someone can show why it isn’t, then there’s nothing to argue about, other than the usual lame gibes about Mac users.

  6. “you’re getting a slowing, sub-par nerd-niche operator with a shiny surface.”

    Oh Seth, you make it sound soooo sexy. Say it again for me, baby. Only this time, take out your retainer.

  7. Yawn, Seth. So I’m a brainwashed fool huh? Oh yeah, Steve Jobs pays me just to use Macs and say nice things about them. Yeah right. And M$ doesn’t pay you to use a Windows machine and say nice things about them now do they? Oops, I guess they do. So who is the “brainwashed fool?” Lying whore…

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