Motley Fool Commentator: Apple’s ‘a rotten, slowing, sub-par nerd-niche operator with a shiny surfac

“Apple fans don’t want to hear it. Analysts don’t want to say it. But here it is: Apple’s ready for a mighty big fall. The Borg-like fidelity of Mac zealots, coupled with misplaced enthusiasm for the firm’s nifty gadgets and a giant dose of media hype, has conspired to push the stock far beyond a rational valuation,” Seth Jayson writes for The Motley Fool in his oh-so-uniquely titled article, “Apple Is Rotten.” We get it, an apple is a fruit that could get rotten. We’ve only seen a couple hundred thousand of this exact headline so far.

“‘Think different?’ I’ve always found this key slogan in Apple’s marketing to be troubling, and not just because it shows that CEO Steve Jobs needs to brush up on his fifth-grade grammar. (Hey Stev-o, buy yourself an adverb!) It’s creepy and ironic because Mac fans — especially the ones who write me — are about as freethinking as the lovely ladies of Stepford. They’re like a pack of Moonies telling a congregation of Snakehandlers, ‘You’re brainwashed. Join us to free your mind.'” Jayson writes. “In fact, it simply means you’ve got less consumer freedom, not more. Think I’m making this up? Ha! Count the PC vs. Mac software packages at your neighborhood Best Buy. Try using your iPod with competing software. Try using any non-Apple MP3 player with iTunes. This is more than a question of tech theology: Mac’s legendary insularity


  1. The guy is wanting to sound prophetic. So he waits for Apple to peak in the stock market, and he guesses it’s time for a drop. Once people see there is a drop, they’ll think he’s got it goin’ on.

    His biggest problem is he claims he’s used Macs, and yet says it used to be better and now the competition is better? Um, you got that backwards, Fool.

  2. I know people like this (not necessarily in computers either!). They just like to stir the water to have something to do. As for me, I just start looking around for a handy 2 x 4.

  3. Fool says it all. He needs to play with his plethora of Windows software at Best Buy. Maybe he can hang out there until Longhorn ships in 2000 whatever MS is saying now?

  4. The guy writes: “Every year I get to play with brand new Mac gear — direct from Apple — as the “tech guy” at a well-known photojournalism workshop. This year, as usual, I wasted entire days trying to coax the new Mac OS to make nice with a variety of printers. Plug and play? Try plug and pray. Color fidelity, WYSWYG? Not with top-of-the-line Power Macs and cinema displays, I guess. This year, incredibly, I ended up relying on a no-name Windows laptop purchased at Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club to do the heavy lifting.”

    Um, now wait. Is this a critique of Apple, or is this guy just exposing his own ignorance?

    I think it’s the latter. He can’t make Macs work with printers? I have to say, I know five year olds who can do that. Even some MCSEs who can! I hope the photojournalism workshop finds a competent techie next year.

  5. This man has obviously never used OSx. His article shows this.

    Journalistic integrity?

    This guy is almost as bad as Dan Rather. Peas in a pod, as we say in Canada.

  6. Well, he’s got us summed up completely. We’re just stupid brainwashed fools. I won’t even ask you all if you agree with me, as obviously we just think the same. That’s why there isn’t a single creative person amongst us.

    And iTunes doesn’t work with any other MP3 players. It must be true, so I must have been mistaken the one time I tried it with those little Panasonic things and everything worked.

    Mr Jayson is 100% right. Now if anyone wants me, I’m in the back room in front of my shrine to Steve Jobs.

  7. Oh yeah, and just who is brainwashed? Is it the 90 percent or more of the folks that own Windows or the five percent of Mac users? “Where do you want to go today?”

  8. LOL Dave,

    and this Motley is such a thick Fool tool I believe it would work well to shield accelerator radiation down here. Better than 2 meters wide reinforced concrete blocks.

  9. I read that fodder. Apple Mac OS X plug and pray? Even on Windows’ best day, it can’t come close to the interoperability of OS X. Case in point, when I plug my digital camera into my Mac, iPhoto opens and I can get my images. But when I plug that same camera into the latest Windows XP Intel box, I get all kinds of errors and prompts asking for disks and drivers.

    I just think that the author is green with envy. He misses the point that Apple is a key innovator in technological areas that most computer users take for granted. One example, FireWire.

    I understand that no company is perfect and that everyone can use a little constructive criticism, but this guy just plain hates Apple.

  10. At least there’s some reasoning behind his writings, and it is important to note he is more concerned about AAPL than Apple. It’s good to hear a contrarian point of view sometimes. There is a counter article at too.

    The pair of articles are designed to be controversial, they say so in the introduction: “This week we’re dueling over the prospects of one of our most popular stocks here at Apple Computer. Loved by many, hated by just as many, Apple separates Fool from Fool frequently in our discussion boards.”

    So the controversy continues…… enjoy the soap opera.

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