Fortune: New Apple iMac G5 a ‘triumph in both technology and design’

“Has apple got a deal for you – a brilliant, 17-inch LCD flat-panel display for $1,299, with a powerful desktop computer thrown in free. But the real bonus is that the computer itself does not take up any desk space. Zero. Zip,” Peter Lewis writes for Fortune. “With its new family of iMac G5 computers – there’s a fancier 17-inch model for $1,499 and a 20-inch model for $1,899 – Apple has defined the shape and style of desktop computing for the next few years. Combining a widescreen display and a full-function computer in a sleek package that’s just two inches thick, the iMacs are the first true all-in-one flat-panel computers.”

Lewis writes, “Other PC companies have tried to create flat-panel computers, but their designs invariably involved bolting a computer to the back of an LCD display, where it hangs like a goiter. Apple’s triumph in both technology and design is that it incorporated the computer inside the body of the display, refusing to compromise either the performance of the computer or the elegant lines of the form.”

“I’ve shifted most of my work to the Macintosh, in part because of my appreciation for the Mac system’s stability and ease of use, but in larger part because I’m sick of downloading Microsoft security patches and worrying every minute about viruses and worms and other threats aimed at Microsoft’s Windows infrastructure. But when I need to work with Windows files, the iMac’s G5 processor is strong enough to run a program called Virtual PC for Mac ($129 to $249, depending on the version), which tricks the Mac into thinking it’s a Windows machine. A cruel trick, for sure, but it works in a pinch,” Lewis writes.

“Despite its relatively small share of the computing market, Apple continues to lead the PC industry in design and technology. Its attention to detail is fastidious, from the way the cooling fans draw air through the narrow system while remaining nearly silent, to the use of a single power cord without a power brick, to the way the iMac refuses to wobble, despite its single foot, when the screen angle is adjusted,” Lewis writes.

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  1. These types of stories are encouraging for morale. It is nice for our choice of computer platform to be considered praiseworthy by the general media. These stories are also filler material for those seemingly endless gaps between new Apple hardware and software releases. Rest assured that MDN will have articles on the G6 CPU as soon as it materializes in Apple hardware!

  2. OK, everyone, I give in. These articles are news. GOOD NEWS.

    Mac-heads used to have a reputation of only being happy when they had something to moan about. Looks like we can also be happy when the sun is shining.

    Glad to see that’s another Mac Myth put to bed.

    I’ll shut up now.


  3. I like what Doodle has started. Advertising repeats a short message until it penetrates.
    You heard it….developers…developers…

    designers designers designers designers.

    Very nauseous for those who take information once.

  4. i think all these critics got paid by apple..
    otherwise, its impossible for every one of these critic to fall in love with iMac g5…

    no one talks about Sony’s flat screen in PC side… it has more sex appeal.. taking up about evenly matched space on desk…

    at first glance, you couldn’t tell if there is anything at all.. or what , or where the all the stuff is until upclose and personal view is taken…

    comparably speaking both sony and apple is proprietary.. or has tendancy …

    and to say iMac is first to have single piece seem to be propaganda by apple by bribing all these critics wtih something, not if money..

    maybe becasue sony is japanese..
    and apple is american made… so cultural bias opinion is touting apple more so than sony…

    and sony has wider scenematic display than apple…

    as apple follower… i did not find they are any better (if chip speed is subtracted from equation) than previous version…

    lets face it 20in display is selling for 1200 dollars.. so for another 700 dollars you get the hardware…

    in this context.. not sure if i would be better off buying laptop… at least it is portable…

    i think iMac g5 is failed attempt in apple to make tablet pc..

  5. David Young… what you say is all nonsense. No-one falls in love with just the hardware, its the whole package. OSX is as big a reason as the screen or the footprint or anything else..Perhaps Sony should make an operating system if they want to compete with the iMac G5!
    By the way, the acclaim is nothing cultural or nationalist, its worldwide.

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