Fortune: New Apple iMac G5 a ‘triumph in both technology and design’

“Has apple got a deal for you – a brilliant, 17-inch LCD flat-panel display for $1,299, with a powerful desktop computer thrown in free. But the real bonus is that the computer itself does not take up any desk space. Zero. Zip,” Peter Lewis writes for Fortune. “With its new family of iMac G5 computers – there’s a fancier 17-inch model for $1,499 and a 20-inch model for $1,899 – Apple has defined the shape and style of desktop computing for the next few years. Combining a widescreen display and a full-function computer in a sleek package that’s just two inches thick, the iMacs are the first true all-in-one flat-panel computers.”

Lewis writes, “Other PC companies have tried to create flat-panel computers, but their designs invariably involved bolting a computer to the back of an LCD display, where it hangs like a goiter. Apple’s triumph in both technology and design is that it incorporated the computer inside the body of the display, refusing to compromise either the performance of the computer or the elegant lines of the form.”

“I’ve shifted most of my work to the Macintosh, in part because of my appreciation for the Mac system’s stability and ease of use, but in larger part because I’m sick of downloading Microsoft security patches and worrying every minute about viruses and worms and other threats aimed at Microsoft’s Windows infrastructure. But when I need to work with Windows files, the iMac’s G5 processor is strong enough to run a program called Virtual PC for Mac ($129 to $249, depending on the version), which tricks the Mac into thinking it’s a Windows machine. A cruel trick, for sure, but it works in a pinch,” Lewis writes.

“Despite its relatively small share of the computing market, Apple continues to lead the PC industry in design and technology. Its attention to detail is fastidious, from the way the cooling fans draw air through the narrow system while remaining nearly silent, to the use of a single power cord without a power brick, to the way the iMac refuses to wobble, despite its single foot, when the screen angle is adjusted,” Lewis writes.

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  1. Although I love Apple and want them to massively grow their market share, the continual stream of “aren’t iMac G5s wonderful” and “Windows is insecure, Macs are not” articles does seem to become a little yawn-inducing. I’ve lost count of the number that MDN has seen fit to report.

    Back to real news please and less of the hacks regurgitating each others articles.

    Most of the people reading MDN already own Macs and don’t need to be swayed further by all these articles.

  2. I for one love MDN reporting. I don’t have time to go all over hell on the web to get this kind of news and it is wonderful that I can get it all here. It is also great to see how iMac interest if gaining momentum from the general public, non-Macintosh sites. Keep the good news rolling MDN!

  3. Keep posting these glowing articles, MDN. THIS IS NEWS! When was the last time anyone saw such a flood of good press for Apple? It’s about time it happened and lets enjoy it as long as it lasts. If MDN were to post a couple of these articles and then quit we might never realize that the times are actually changing for Macintosh.

  4. Mac Dood,

    that’s more like it.

    Just to be clear, I’m not against MDN (they are one of my top 4 Mac sites (along with MacMinute, Macrumors and Macosrumors)), just want more real news. Maybe all these “Macs are great” articles which to me aren’t really news, other than the fact they were written by more mainstream journos, could be shoved in a weekly round-up or something.

    Maybe I’m wrong (quite possible). Do people really think this sort of thing is newsworthy?

  5. Do people really think this sort of thing is newsworthy? – (Doodle)

    It absolutely IS! This is the major change in attitude towards Apple that we have all be hoping, wishing and praying for all along. Now that it’s actually happening, don’t put it down.

  6. Doodle:

    Personally, I love it (the positive Mac reviews, that is). I am running my own little guerilla war on manufacturers who use Wintel machines to control other machines (typically A/V devices in my case) through a serial port. The first interesting issue is that it is nearly impossible to find a PC laptop with a serial port anymore. The second interesting issue is that it is just as hard to make a serial port work as it has always been. The third interesting issue is that it is still SLOW. Of course, the very few enlightened manufacturers that have decided to go with an HTML interface these days insist on using IE with ActiveX as the control process.

    Ten points to anyone who can point out the security issues with this approach.

    So…I simply forward all the Windows/IE disaster stories, as well as the Mac success stories to the offending parties. So far, I am at five weeks of uninterrupted propaganda. I don’t know if I am having any effect, but at least I am trying.


  7. Doodle..

    Yeah, its true MDN does do a lot of “preaching to the choir”… but where else can you go engage in mac-adulation and spirited debates over a wide range of topics ?? …

    I think MDN kinda leaves it up to us to spread the word… and as with people like M. T. MacPhee, and many others here … the “word” is spreading… and, it seems that positive results are taking root..

    This is a good thing…

    So…sit back … keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times… and enjoy the ride !!

  8. These types of stories are absolutely worth posting. I’ve been forwarding them to a few folks here at work who are potential switchers and they’ve really helped them make up their minds. Especially when the glowing reviews come from people like Mossberg and Mike Wendland of the Detroit Free Press. When I explained to them why these journalist’s views on this are important they really took notice. Keep it up MDN!

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