Even Bill Gates can’t avoid Windows malware; Mac users surf the Web freely

“Microsoft plans to offer its own anti-spyware software, Chairman Bill Gates said Friday. Gates said Microsoft will offer software to detect malicious applications and that the company will keep it up-to-date on an ongoing basis. He did not say when the software would be available or whether Microsoft would charge for it,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News. “Although progress is being made against spam and viruses, Gates said the adware and malware problem is getting worse. ‘This malware thing is so bad,’ he said in a speech at the Computer History Museum here. ‘Now that’s the one that has us really needing to jump in.’ It’s also a problem that has affected Gates personally. He said his home PCs have had malware, although he has personally never been affected by a virus. ‘I have had malware, (adware), that crap’ on some home machines, he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ve never had a virus or adware or spyware or malware on any of our Mac OS X computers. Never. For our Windows-only friends, if even Bill Gates can’t avoid it, can you ever hope to? Perhaps you’d like information on smoothly adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal? It can be found here.


  1. “smoothly adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal?”

    I see this sentence in just about every other article, and I have to wonder: Is the MDN site run by actual people who can write an original response, or is it just a scripted autoreply system?

  2. MDN has an amazing talent for restating the obvious flaws with Windows. This “report” is not even news among Windows users, so it makes me wonder what MDN’s purpose is for recycling headlines like this.

    In fact, reading more of the same old Microsoft canards is tiresome. I would prefer more information and reporting about what Apple is doing to improve OS X and Macintosh design.

  3. Let me get this straight, a company with a defective product is going to provide a extra product to protect the defective one.

    With SP2 numerous PC techs have claimed Windows still isn’t secure as it leaves too many doors open.

    Shut the doors and Windows doesn’t work, shut the doors and the viruses can’t come in, so Microsoft is going to provide extra software to allow Windows to keep the doors open, but attempt to keep the viril out.

    Of course 10,000 anti-virus programmers and personel and their buisnesses just got handed their pink slips with Gates statement.

    Of course in Gates eyes it’s all these anti-virus companies that are making Microsoft look bad, so if M$ runs them out of buisness then nobody knows about the viril because there will be no one paid to look for them except M$ stoogies with a non-disclosure agreement slapped on their mouths.

    $5 says 5 years from now M$ will be suing people who announce a Windows virus.

  4. To Windows Users :

    Don’t let Microsoft fool you into thinking that viruses, spyware and adware are something they eventually need to “jump into”. They are flaws in design and implementation of their product and Microsoft needs to take full responsibility for them. Correction of these flaws is the only acceptable solution. A separate monitoring software to detect/prevent abuse of these flaws is not.

    Anti-virus software only exists as separate entities because of Microsoft’s complacency. They did not exist before Microsoft came in and will die after it goes out.

    To Mac Users :

    Keep a close eye on Apple and on the way they handle this kind of stuff when it eventually appears. Will they be more responsible that Microsoft is at the moment ? AFAK, so far it’s been OK but let’s not take it for granted.

    AV software on the Mac only exists because of psycholgical transferance of fear that comes out of the Windows PC market. When the virus issue on Windows is closed (either by a new Windows or no more Windows), anti-virus on the Mac will disapear as well.

  5. Bill Gates suggesting that only Microsoft can solve the problem of malware is evidence enough that Gates has either (1) lost touch with reality or (2) has made an unqualified admission to the utter failure of Windows ever being protected by third party programmers.

    I suddenly have a picture in my mind of a mangled drunk driver car wreck victim (Windows) carried by gurney into the Emergency Department (third party anti-malware programmers). Suddenly the drunk grabs the scalpel from the attending physician and slurs, “I can do this (i.e. perform emergency surgery).” and starts slashing his body frantically with the blade.

    Well, Windows fans, you may have to wait yet another 10 years for Longhorn as Bill Gate�s crew of intrepid programmers devote another decade of time, money, and manpower to make Windows as secure as OS X. Face it, Windows losers, Bill Gates must make Windows relatively safe to use otherwise Windows will be replaced. This security concern is Gate�s new high priority, not Longhorn. So forget about ordering Longhorn (64-bit with WinFS) for yourself, order it for your grandchildren.

  6. I love the confused look people give me when I tell them Im not affected by viruses, worms, trojans, malware… That alone gets people to visit apple.com.
    Now if I can learn Cocoa and put my $maker idea into action.

  7. Cute, amyhre.

    Last time I checked, Lisa didn’t run Mac OS X. Nobody’s claiming that zero viruses have been unleashed on Mac OS (or on the Lisa Operating System). Just on Mac OS X.

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