Apple’s iTunes Music Store makes U2, Eminem exclusives available

“The iTunes Music Store has announced its second big-name exclusive in two days. Yesterday U2’s new single Vertigo was made available to download and today it is Eminem’s turn, with his new single Just Lose It despite the ongoing legal tiff between Apple and the artist.,” Simon Aughton reports for PC Pro.

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  1. I think the legal battle between Eminem and Apple should have nothing to do with the sale of music. iTunes is the largest online music store in the US, it would be stupid for eminem not to sell his song in the store. Likewise it would be stupid for Apple not to sell his songs.

    Just because Eminem’s record label is sueing Apple, it doesn’t mean the man hates Apple. Actually I think it’s the opposite, he loves the iPod and even uses it in his video clip “My Band”, (50 cent does as well)

    The fact of the matter is Apple used his lyrics without his consent. Eminem has the right defend his label. He made a choice not to promote products and refused Apple the promotion. Apple had no right to go behind his back and use the lyrics anyway

  2. Apple’s Agency cut the spot once they found out about Ems problems with it and it was in limited rotation at that time. One huge issue in this case is that the lyrics weren’t properly registered during this time and as such had no copywrite protection.

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