Apple to launch ‘more than five’ new European iTunes Music Stores in October

“Apple Computer is planning the next wave of expansion for its popular iTunes online music store with a multi-country European launch in October, the service’s chief architect said on Wednesday. ‘We are well on pace to launch more EU stores. We will do it next month,’ Eddie Cue, Apple’s vice president of applications told music executives at the annual Popkomm conference in the German capital,” Bernhard Warner reports for Reuters. “In typical Apple style, the computer maker gave scant details of the hotly anticipated launch. He told reporters on the sidelines it would likely include more than five new countries in the next wave of stores. ‘It will cover a good portion of Western Europe,’ he said of the launch, but declined to elaborate.”

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  1. Well I for one would love to buy music through iTunes mega mall. I live in Iceland whitch is a part of Europe and for some reason Apple just keeps ignoring us. Please Apple give us the store allready!

  2. Canada has a large amount of laws dealing with the music industry. Blank cd’s are charged a tax thats suppose to go to bands (although its never been clear how that works) and it doesn’t matter if you by the blank cd for data!
    Anyway, with such a complicated tax scheme, copyright laws, etc, things take longer

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