Apple increases .Mac combined storage to 250 MB for no extra charge; how to adjust .Mac storage sett

Apple has increased the combined storage for .Mac Mail and iDisk to 250 MB. That means .Mac members now have additional room for email messages and mail attachments, web pages, and backups. .Mac members now also have the option of upgrading your .Mac account to 1 GB for US$49.95 per year.

.Mac Mail now comes with a default 125 MB of email storage so .Mac members can keep more messages available for online access. .Mac members can also configure their individual account’s 250 MB of combined storage to best fit the way they use your .Mac account. Maximum message size has been upped to a hefty 10 MB, giving .Mac Mail the power to handle attachments such as hi-res images and large project files.

.Mac memebers can log into .Mac, click their Account Settings, and click the “Storage Settings” button and choose from among the following choices in the “Storage Settings” drop down menu:
– 16 MB Email / 234 MB iDisk
– 20 MB Email / 230 MB iDisk
– 25 MB Email / 225 MB iDisk
– 30 MB Email / 220 MB iDisk
– 35 MB Email / 215 MB iDisk
– 40 MB Email / 210 MB iDisk
– 45 MB Email / 205 MB iDisk
– 50 MB Email / 200 MB iDisk
– 55 MB Email / 195 MB iDisk
– 60 MB Email / 190 MB iDisk
– 65 MB Email / 185 MB iDisk
– 70 MB Email / 180 MB iDisk
– 75 MB Email / 175 MB iDisk
– 80 MB Email / 170 MB iDisk
– 85 MB Email / 165 MB iDisk
– 90 MB Email / 160 MB iDisk
– 95 MB Email / 155 MB iDisk
– 100 MB Email / 150 MB iDisk
– 105 MB Email / 145 MB iDisk
– 110 MB Email / 140 MB iDisk
– 115 MB Email / 135 MB iDisk
– 120 MB Email / 130 MB iDisk
– 125 MB Email / 125 MB iDisk
– 130 MB Email / 120 MB iDisk
– 135 MB Email / 115 MB iDisk
– 140 MB Email / 110 MB iDisk
– 144 MB Email / 106 MB iDisk

More info here.

MacDailyNews Take: Most of us here at MDN have been bumping up against the 100MB limit for some time now, with some of us actually contemplating dumping the .Mac service due to storage concerns. With that no longer an issue, we’re all happy .Mac campers again! And $49 for 1GB is very reasonable for future expansion of our .Mac usage. Good move, Apple!


  1. ME: What I am talking about is making changes to my calendar… say from work while on a PC then when I get home to my MAC it syncs and updates there. Like I can do thorugh .mac and address book.

  2. To “john” regarding his use of pro files and vid files being sent via e-mail.

    Hey Joe, dont you think it would make more sense to send “pro-files” using ftp or offline storage services instead of e-mail which is instead for messages not “file transfers”?

    How hard would it be for a “pro” to simply use their .Mac iDisk space to post files for others to download. You can even secure a particular iDisk folder with a username and password.

    BTW, ftp stands for File Transfer Protocol. It was invented so that people like you wouldn’t bog down the networks that service “e-mail messages”.

    Get enlightened so that you can have a better computing experience.

  3. Been waiting for Apple to upgrade email capacity. 15 MB was pathetic, but now with a combined space of 250 MB, it’s OK. Wish it were 500 MB. But at least Apple is doing something. Email-only accounts are now 50 MB. That’s also nice!

  4. I was an original iTools user and have subscribed to .Mac since the beginning. I wrote to Apple two weeks ago and told them I was not renewing because it was no longer a good deal for only 100MB.

    So you can all thank me (just kidding).

    .Mac is awesome, but I could no longer justify it with a baby on the way.


  5. “…now…how about allowing us to “back up” our iTMS purchases….”

    This wouldn’t even cost them anything. Simply acknowledge that you purchased the music and allow you to download it again if you need to.

  6. People use e-mail attachments for file transfers because that’s what they learned and it remains the most convenient method for them. Same with IM file transfers for other kinds of users. When other methods are at least as convenient and easy to learn/understand more people will eventually use them.

  7. Yeah!! I have been waiting until the end here to renew my .mac, hoping that storage would be upgraded to more reasonable limits…. I have just renewed my account… may upgrade to 1 gig limit

  8. Yes, FTP is most definitely better suited for large files. SMTP or POP3 or IMAP isn’t. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol for a reason. It was designed to handle *gasp* text messages, not your family reunion. I guess it could progress in that direction in the future.

  9. “This wouldn’t even cost them anything. Simply acknowledge that you purchased the music and allow you to download it again if you need to.”

    I know they do. When my Firewire drive crashed and I lost all my purchased music, I cried to the iTunes Music store support people. I got a nice e-mail back stating that even though the agreement states I am responsible for backing up all songs I purchase they will allow me to redownload my songs. I just went to check for purchased music and it was all there. Granted at that point I had no more then 10 songs but hey, they let me get them back.

    The e-mail said that was my one chance and no idea if they would have if I had had more songs. You can see all the songs purchased in iTunes so I’d bet they can and would do this for anyone.

    Needless to say I burn to CD all the files VERY regliously now

  10. Here is another happy .Mac user ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    Thank You Apple I needed that extra space ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  11. To all those who think email should be stuck at 10MB and I should use other methods.

    My stanndard email client allows unlimited attachment sizes. Why should I have to involve the peopole who I send and receive large files to in the cumbersome work arounds you suggest? FTP? .Mac iDisk? Not practical.

    .Mac mail needs to grow up.

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