Information Security Investigator says switch from Windows to Mac OS X for security

The “A Day in the Life of an Information Security Investigator” blog by an anonymous Information Security Investigator yesterday posted an entry entitled, “Would you switch operating systems for security?” goes like this:

Would you switch operating systems for security?

I’ve made this argument many times in my blog, but with the incredible amount of media coverage I had to touch on it again. Can you imagine a computer that recovers from sleep within two seconds? A computer that looks as good as it runs? An operating system that you can use without fear of Adware, Malware, Spyware creeping into your OS? Can you live without the daily fear of “Dear $diety, what virus or trojan horse is going to try to ruin my computing experience today?” An OS that supports home directory encryption with a few mouse clicks?

And the question I get most of all: “Hey Chief, what do YOU use on a daily basis for all your computing needs?”

The answer is simple, and I will continue to plug them on a periodic basis: I use an Apple Powerbook G4 Aluminum 15″ 1.33Ghz laptop computer, running Mac OS X (10.3). You too can experience computing nirvana. You’ll find it here.

Full article here.

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  1. What? You mean Sputnik truly believes Longhorn will actually be released?

    You know, with MS keeping the same product name does not mean you are going to enjoy – humm, nonsensical with MS products – the same advertised product of last year.

    And I was thinking Sputnik was a good clown. Too bad, just a fool.

  2. sputnik. What the hell is a “twinkly”? If you mean Twinkie, well it’s not going anywhere. The company that makes them is re-organizing. That’s something you need to do with the grey matter left in your brain. Re-organize and get things fixed before you actually go the way of the original Sputnik and burn up!!!

  3. Speaking of a Fortune 500 company making the switch to all Macs, whatever happened to that rumor about FedEx seriously considering making the switch? (It was FedEx wasn’t it?)

  4. *yawn* More of Sputnik’s tired old shtick. Give it a rest, you used up your humor quotient a long time ago. You’ve gone from humorous to tiresome, now you’re getting as annoying as the brat in the back seat going “Are we there yet?” every two minutes. Pointless and irrititating.

  5. Microsoft announces it determination to release Longhorn on schedule in 2006, 10 years after it�s promised due date.

    Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, reiterates the fact that Longhorn will be the world’s primary operating system or POS.

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