Mossberg: Apple iMac G5 ‘powerful, affordable, virus-free with better, more modern OS than Windows X

“I am writing these words on the most elegant desktop computer I’ve ever used, a computer that is not only uncommonly beautiful but fast and powerful, virus-free and surprisingly affordable,” Walter S. Mossberg writes for The Wall Street Journal. “This machine takes up no more space on a desk than a flat-panel monitor. In fact, the entire computer is contained behind a flat-panel screen in a space just 2 inches thick — thinner than most flat-panel monitors alone.”

“Yet it houses one of the most advanced processors on the market; a roomy hard disk; a CD or DVD recorder; wired or wireless Internet connectivity; and a full complement of ports and connectors,” Mossberg writes. “I’m talking about Apple Computer’s new iMac G5 desktop, which starts at $1,299 for a model with a 17-inch wide-screen display, and rises to $1,899 for a version with a massive 20-inch wide-screen display. It’s another design coup by Apple.”

Mossberg writes, “In my tests, the iMac G5 performed flawlessly and speedily. It worked perfectly on my broadband Internet connection, via my home Wi-Fi network, even though the network is powered by gear from Linksys, not Apple. It was easily able to transfer files over the network to and from Windows computers and other Macs. I installed Microsoft Office for the Mac, and it handled that perfectly. The G5 processor made the new iMac significantly faster at key tasks than my Apple PowerBook laptop, which runs on the older G4 processor [and] the new iMac actually costs less than comparable Windows machines.”

Mossberg writes, “The iMac has some less tangible advantages, too. It has a better, more modern operating system than Windows XP. It comes with a free suite of photo, video and music programs that can’t be matched on Windows. And it frees users from the worry and expense of battling viruses and spyware, because there has never been a successful virus targeting the Mac operating system, and there is little or no spyware for the Mac. The many thousands of viruses and spyware programs that afflict Windows can’t run on, or harm, Macs. The iMac G5 is another winner from Apple. It’s a computer that’s a real pleasure, not a hassle, to use.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Beautiful, just beautiful. Another gem from Walt! He’s really shining the spotlight on the mediocrity of Wintel vs. the superiority of the Apple Macintosh way. In the last few years, as Apple has been producing great products and distancing themselves from Microsoft, Walt has been writing mostly about Apple’s successes. But, Walt just writes the truth and if Apple messes up, Walt, as he has in the past, would write about that, too.

For those who don’t know: Walt Mossberg is the author and creator of the weekly Personal Technology column in The Wall Street Journal, which has appeared every Thursday since 1991. Newsweek magazine calls Mr. Mossberg “the most powerful arbiter of consumer tastes in the computer world today.” Time magazine calls him “the most influential computer journalist.” And Rolling Stone calls him “the most powerful columnist in technology.”

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  1. Unbelievable. I think I woke up in another dimension, where tech journalists know about Apple and are not afraid of telling they are better machines and run better sw and OS.

    Someone pinch me: I must be still asleep.

  2. This is just the best Apple Mac promotional article I’ve seen.

    I’ve just emailed the URL to all my friends… especially the ones who are constantly moaning about their PCs being infected or down.

  3. Mossberg mentions getting the computer down to using 2 chords on his desktop – power and printer – if I’m not mistaken, that could be 1 chord with the use of an Airport Express and Airport Card.

  4. I hope this runs more majorly than the AP article. That guy was struggling to find something bad to say about the iMac and winding up giving the dozers just enough FUD to stay away if they are looking for a reason. Walt tells it like it is. I wonder how dozers can read an article like this and still stay with the crap they are on. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that even though it is shit (not THE shit mind you) it is shit they are used to.

  5. Don’t forget, there’s the investment issue. People have paid money into a computer and feel like they must bear with the bad in order to justify paying what they did for the computer. Bill Palmer spoke about this just the other day. He explains why the switch campaign is a success, even years after it first ran. And he makes a good point that even though people didn’t switch in droves, people saw and still remember the ad. They’re waiting for their current computers to wear out, die, become too old to be useful, and many will remember the Switch ads and consider Apple. Articles like Walt’s reinforce the Switch campaign’s message, that there is a better way, and now it’s not any more expensive than the Wintel PCs. Sometimes cheaper! It’s a nice thing to see the articles becoming more and more numerous. I think we’ll see more of this happening.

  6. Jefre: if you have an airport extreme or express, a usb printer can be attached to it instead of the Mac so you can lose a cord with just about any USB printer.

    In my experience it works very well and allows a household to share one printer.

  7. This is one of the best Mac articles I’ve ever read and the fact that it comes from Mossberg makes it even better because he never sugarcoats. Awesome. I hope this one gets around.

  8. Walt is smart, technically hip, and unbiased.

    In the early to mid-90’s he was very critical of the Macintosh line, and used to get a LOT of hate mail from the Macaholics.

    As the Apple products have improved his reviews have ‘told it like it is’, from the iPod, to the iLife software, to the latest Macs.

    I sent this review to my Wintel friends, the one who say “Macs are for Graphic Artists”. Right. And a favorable review in the Wall Street Journal, that Computer Artists Newspaper. (smile)

    And he doesn’t ALWAYS glow about the latest Apple products, he recently criticized the Airport Express for a lack of a remote, or some other way to program the thing when you are in the room with it.

    He answers my emails once in a while, and he CAN be a bit terse and curmudgeonly, but boy he’s been seeing it and talking it for Macs, iPods, iLife software, and just THE WHOLE THING. The seamless integration of Apple products that create that experience we all love and that the Wintels don’t understand.

    The other day he got a letter asking “How do I get rid off viruses”. His answer “Get a Mac.”


    He’s been won over and he is as influential as mentioned above, and the Wall Street Journal has a bigger circulation than the New York Times.

    He loves Macs now, but we’ll lose him the second Apples products might become second rate.

    And one review like this one is worth weeks of TV commercials.And Wall Street Journal readers have the money to buy the best.

    When the Mac starts crawling up the MarketShare Thermometer, a part of it will be due to Walt Mossberg.

    Thanks Walt!!

    david vesey

  9. To all the naysayers in regards to the sturdyness of the IMac G5-

    Its soild as a rock (tested it out myself yesterday). If you knock it over accidently you must have 40’s duct taped to your hands or the worst case of elephantiasis.


    (p.s the angled ram is genius)

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