Apple vs. Apple settlement to result in iTunes Music Store Beatles exclusive?

“Music industry sources have said representatives of the surviving Beatles are at last discussing ideas for digital distribution with online companies but are asking for as much as $15 million for six months of exclusive rights to the music. That high price has some observers betting that Apple Computer might be the only company ready to pay, particularly if the payment comes attached to a legal settlement in which millions of dollars are already changing hands,” John Borland and Ina Fried reports for CNET News.

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  1. Apple Corps still owns the recordings… released and unreleased. Publishing rights to the songs was bought by Sony/ATV and Michael Jackson. I believe Jackson sold back his share to Sony. Publishing means nothing to Apple, but the recordings, that’s another story. Even though the Beatles sold their publishing company, they still get composer royalties for their songs, whether their own recordings or other peoples. It’s a win-win thing for the Beatles.

  2. “the beatles are a bunch of bloodsucking oportunist has-beens”.

    Any of us would love to have had the talent and success the group had. If you say you wouldn’t then methinks you are a fool or lying. Bloodsucking they may be, but an agreement is an agreement and if Apple Computer violated that understanding then they are accountable. I know it’s hard for some people nowadays to understand that concept.

  3. To Eric 24601:

    Bloodsuckers the Beatles may be, but “has beens”–never. That is a really ignorant thing to say.

    “The beatles are a bunch of bloodsucking oportunist has-beens.”

  4. $15 million? Come on. I love the Beatles, but that seems a bit much. Will having their music be available for digital distribution really be that big a deal? Especially considering Apple only gets a 10� a song, they’d have to sell 150 million just to make that back. I really don’t see what the big deal is. If people want Beatls music they’ll go to Best Buy.

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