AP writer searches in vain for flaws in Apple iMac G5

“For six years, iMacs have set the standard for the PC industry with eye-popping designs, clever utilization of space and leaps forward in usability. Lately, though, Apple Computer Inc. seems to be making more waves with iPod music players than its venerable consumer PCs,” Matthew Fordahl writes for The Associated Press. “But fear not, Apple fans and design aficionados. The iMac line whose debut machine looked like a giant egg, and that later morphed into something resembling a table lamp, now has a third generation. It looks sort of like an oversized iPod.”

Fordahl writes, “The iMac G5 is Apple’s most streamlined and polished design yet, squeezing all the innards into a white plastic flat-panel display. It distances Apple even further from the bulk of Windows-based PC world, where variations of gray, beige and black are all too common. Still, style alone does not a great computer make. Though Apple uses its most capable processor ever, it skimps on memory and other extras. Out of the box, a new iMac is an incomplete masterpiece. You can finish the job, but it’s going to cost you.”

Fordahl writes, “Only after it’s fully accessorized – and unsightly cords have been replaced by wireless connections – does the iMac G5 fulfill its promise of an uncluttered, zippy 21st century computer object d’art. And it’s something to behold.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Fordahl obviously can’t find anything wrong with the new iMac as he criticizes the “paltry” amount of RAM (256MB) Apple ships standard, the need to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse if you want those options, and the need to buy an Airport card if you want that option. “Options” is the operative word here, because that’s why Apple ships the iMac the way it does. Why charge everybody for options that some buyers might not want? People who want a wireless keyboard, mouse, and Wi-Fi Internet connectivity have the options to do so, while those who do not won’t have to pay for them. The RAM issue is meaningless because it is one of the few perks Apple throws to their resellers. Apple resellers want to help land sales by offering “free” extra RAM (with an installation price, of course) with the purchase of a new iMac G5. We half expected Fordahl to criticize Apple for not including the articulated arm and VESA mount for the new iMac G5, so he could “totally complete the masterpiece” by hanging his new iMac from the wall or clamp it to his desk. Sometimes writers, in misplaced attempts to appear “balanced,” try too hard, nitpick, and invent “negatives” that aren’t really there.

For the record, MacDailyNews believes that Apple should ship the new iMac G5 with 512MB base RAM, but where would that leave Apple resellers? It’s a Catch-22 that Apple and the resellers will have to work out pretty soon.


  1. A little more ram would be nice. But they need to hit the price where they do and adding things make that hard to do, so you do your best. It does work with 256mb so if you what more you add it.

  2. What’s with IMPRO certificate approval that you have no press NO five times to get to go away? The additional little pop-up that says to press YES to download the junk has an OK button I don’t want to press (implicit YES?). Just closing the window brings back the IMPRO certificate pop-up window.

    It’s about as annoying as the Safari users being asked to unlock their keychain when they visit this site.

    Otherwise, nice site.

  3. Yeah unfortunately I have to use an XP machine at work and it’s getting annoying. I have the SP2 so it’s always questioning the install of some strange active X media software. My computer beeps and blips and I have to click away before I can get here!

  4. I think the 512MB RAm should be included (no extra charge) for the 20″ iMac. It offers more of an incentive for an upgrade, and people willing to pay the extra will be inclined to accept an upsell from the reseller.

    also… ALLOW BLuetooth to be installed by the reseller! It’s RIDICULOUS that it isn’t.

    Either that or make it a standard option.

    Bluetooth is a CHEAP technology to implement. We’re talking a few dollars here.

  5. What is with MDN!!!

    I have tried accessing this site with IE on an XP machine and Safari on a mac.

    With IE, I get this window asking me to install crap on my computer. You have to say no about 3-5 times before it stops or Kill the process.

    With Safari, MDN doesn’t always come up.

  6. I just discoverd that this site (pop-up advertising?) is installing “Coolweb” spyware which hijacks my browser to iwantsearch.com This is a link for one that was blocked by my company, who knows if there are others.
    http:// isg01.casalemedia.com/V2/38788/39374/index.html

    If I could only convince IT to switch.

  7. Glad I don’t see IMPRO with Safari!

    Hey, the new iMac got another switcher! My brother was originally a Mac-head, but switched (boo!) to Windoze about a decade ago. Buying a new computer, he asked my opinion as to why he should get a Mac over a $499 Gateway POS. After I asked him, “How’s your Yugo running?” and getting a laugh, I expounded upon the virtues of the Mac, both in hardware and in OS. Easy movie editing, no viruses, last longer, better OS, etc.

    Last night, I received the call. He bought the new 20 inch iMac with all the options. I’m sure he’ll be happy!

  8. yes if you want the most fantastic computer ever youve got to buy some accessories, whats new? sure we wish apple included more ram, but the stock imac g5 is best all-in one out there. so, boo hoo, add another 256, that is what bto is for. be happy, its money well spent

  9. I think the press should leave the RAM issue alone. If you want more RAM, buy it! The thing runs OK with the 256MB. Personally, I have 1GB of RAM in my G4.

    The reality is that not everyone has, or needs a ton of RAM in their computers. I have clients with G4 Macs with OS X and only 256MB. They are happy.

    I also have clients who run Windows XP with 128MB. In fact, a couple of them just upgraded to 256MB.

    Not every iMac G5 is going to be doing video editing day 1. Many of them are going to be running email, web browsing, and word processing.

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