The Apple iPod is so much more than a device – it’s its own culture

“The iPod is so much more than a device-it’s its own culture. While walking across the Quad with my tiny bud headphones securely placed in my ears, I feel a connection with the dozens of others who have the same wires protruding from their heads. Maybe it’s not so much a connection as the knowledge that we’re all carrying our entire CD collections and half of our roommates’ music in our pockets, along with the capacity to store documents and photos. And it has a really ridiculous Solitaire game, too,” Dana Moran writes for Syracuse University’s The Daily Orange.

“The one problem with the iPod is that you have to be careful who you let look at your musical selection. If, for example, you really, really don’t want your crush to know that you have both Spice Girls albums in heavy rotation, it’s probably best to only allow him to scroll down as far as the P section. Of course, at that point you realize that you ‘forgot’ to take off your Avril Lavigne songs,’ Moran writes. “But the iPod isn’t just a personal thing. The fact that it can be plugged into any number of speakers and stereo systems turns it into a portable radio station-with no commercials. And if you really feel like stirring up some conversation, go ahead and leave that Avril on there. You obviously gave up on your dignity long ago.”

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  1. Yup, being able to carry so many songs is nice, especially when some random song you haven’t heard in a while gets played by Shuffle. And if you don’t have an iPod of your own, get one! Just don’t go stealing it from some guy like ‘feeze’ That’s just mean!

    It’s crazy in NYC where everyone and their grandma has white wires sticking out of their head if they are listening to music. The iPod is the way to go, ‘nuf said.

  2. Just look BOTH ways when crosssing streets … sadly some young teenage girl in Melbourne got run over by a tram while listening to music on a player (model not quoted in news item). So take account of the fact that you’ve got to be more visually aware and even turn the music down a notch near busy streets … play and listen safely!

  3. I cant wait to get a pink mini! I have loads of Spice Girls stuff too:D Bah, I don’t see why people care so much about what other people think about they’re musical preference, i’m not affraid to say I have about 4 CD’s of Disney stuff in my iTunes library lol:p

    Indeed, the iPod is a culture.

    Pretty soon Apple should adopt the slogen “Think Different, Think Perfection.” I think they could get away with it too, because I think they’re damn near close to it.

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