Report: Apple and HP planning to ship one million iPods per month starting in October

“Shares of Lexar Media (LEXR) rose more than 14 percent after Susquehanna Financial Group raised its rating on the stock to ‘net positive’ from ‘continued net neutral,’ citing a belief that demand for its flash memory cards is strengthening. The firm said it thinks Lexar is ‘well positioned to outgrow the NAND flash market driven by the newly formed relationship with Kodak and a better than expected penetration of NAND flash memory cards in the camera phone market.’ Susquehanna, which also lifted its financial estimates for Lexar, added that the popular Apple iPod also uses the NAND type of flash memory and that demand is strong, with Apple (AAPL) and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) planning to ship about 1 million iPods per month starting in October,” Michael Baron reports for CBS MarketWatch.

Full article here.


  1. I guess all those iPod “competitors” should start getting a bit nervous.

    We’re going to start seeing a LOT more ‘Pod people’ pretty soon.

    I think that by MWSF ’05, the iPod will have a market share of 75% or more.

    You heard it here, folks.

  2. Just so people know, Apple most recently sold 860,000 in the past quarter (Fiscal Q3).

    To go from 860,000 to 3 million in only six months is amazing!!

    To those who thought that the Apple+HP deal was moronic…I’m glad you guys don’t work at Apple.

  3. Gah…! 1 million a month…

    Thurrott.. spin this.. please…!!!!

    Er..Napster is wetting its pants..

    Does this mean RealNetworks will not go bankrupt..

    er.. no.. They’re still running a money-losing business.. Damn!

  4. As I predicted the Dell DJ is starting to dominate the market with its superior design and extra battery life. Once again Apple has lost the boat in a market it helped invent.

    Apple, you should have opened up the iPod to Real Networks as I suggested months ago!

  5. So has somebody violated Sorbanes-Oxley by revealing to Susquehanna Apple’s sales projections, or did Susquehanna just pull this number out of its butt?

    Come on, currently they tell me that a third of Apple’s revenues come from iPods. If iPod sales actually were to quadruple, then that fraction would jump to two-thirds (do the math; for you liberal arts majors, trust me here). As an AAPL shareholder, I hope it happens. But as a Mac user, I hope it doesn’t. So I guess, net-net, I don’t really care. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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