PC Magazine reviews Apple iMac G5: ‘5 out of 5 stars, unparalleled execution should attract would-be

PC Magazine has posted their review of Apple’s iMac G5, giving Apple’s new 64-bit machine a score of 5 out of a possible 5:

“Simple, stunning all-in-one design. Quiet. Just one cord (for power), thanks to optional Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. More compact than other all-in-one desktops. Gorgeous 20-inch screen and desktop-caliber hard drive make machine more usable than a desktop-replacement notebook, for the same money and space use. Can be mounted on the wall or on an arm (with a VESA-compliant mounting kit),” Joel Santo Domingo writes. “Apple has another design coup on its hands with the Apple iMac G5. Its clean, simple look – imagine if an iPod grew into a full-size, self-contained PC – ‘It’s about time they designed a computer like this.’ … With the iMac G5, Apple has given Mac fans yet another reason to stay in the fold. And its unparalleled execution should attract would-be Windows PC buyers, as well.”

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Apple has a winner on its hands, the Dvoraks and Enderles of the world excepted (see below). We wonder if Cupertino now wishes they had skipped straight from the original CRT iMac G3 directly to this form factor with a G4 instead of detouring with the iMac G4 dome/desk lamp models?

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  1. Check the new all in one from Gateway Profile 5. Now, that’s breathtaking design… Not! Ugly is as ugly can be.

    The iMac G5 is the best combination of good looks and function in the market right now. Even PC magazine agrees with that.
    Now all I’m waiting for is the new Powerbooks. I need to replace my Pismo.

  2. “….Not the same thing at all Mac Dood. That sucker is a clunker….”

    LOL….well, that goes without saying, Jack… I dont know of any PeeCee thats NOT a clunker…. unless, maybe its one running some flavor of Linux or something…

    But, you can see from the pics where they wanted to go with this piece of junk…

    Its nice to know that the PeeCee makers use Apples real innovations as their R & D….

    Billy Gates has been doing that since Win 3.1

    Guess it saves them some money

  3. Gateway hehe. They’ve been stealing ideas from Apple again.. circa 1978 it looks like! Is that thing covered in tweed ?!? Will Wayne Inouye notice a box-shaped hole in the back of his jacket the next time he goes to put it on?? I think we should be told.

    Such a stinker I almost feel sorry for Gateway.

  4. Although the iMac review seemed similar to the other hardware reviews they offer, its obvious omission is that the iMac does not run the security nightmare of the virus-prone, spyware-prone, adware-prone, MS Windows. The buyer of an iMac is forced to use a much more stable and extremely secure Mac OS with an easier GUI, as well as having the iLife suite of multimedia aps preloaded.

    As with almost ALL other reviews of the G5 iMac, they also fail to compare apples to apples. The G5 is a 64-bit processor. Go to ANY PC manufacturer’s website and try to find the price of a 64-bit computer (hint: look under “workstation”) with the features of the iMac. Now, go find a 64-bit compatible version of Windows XP for the computer, and see how fast it emulates 32-bit processing to run current aps. Apple has made a huge leap out of the 32-bit realm with OS X, and they will seamlessly take their users to a much higher and faster way of processing (as soon as programmers start writing 64-bit codes). Conversly, this will be a HUGE hurdle for Microsoft to try to overcome without major problems with stability and speed as they try to run 32 and 64 bit aps side by side on the same 64-bit processor.

    The iMac, a full 64-bit workstation class computer with a high-end monitor in a single, beautiful design, FOR THE HOME!! It is about 10 years ahead of anything being offered by the MS/Intel community, and Apple has done it so seamlessly that no one has even noticed.

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