PC Magazine reviews Apple iMac G5: ‘5 out of 5 stars, unparalleled execution should attract would-be

PC Magazine has posted their review of Apple’s iMac G5, giving Apple’s new 64-bit machine a score of 5 out of a possible 5:

“Simple, stunning all-in-one design. Quiet. Just one cord (for power), thanks to optional Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. More compact than other all-in-one desktops. Gorgeous 20-inch screen and desktop-caliber hard drive make machine more usable than a desktop-replacement notebook, for the same money and space use. Can be mounted on the wall or on an arm (with a VESA-compliant mounting kit),” Joel Santo Domingo writes. “Apple has another design coup on its hands with the Apple iMac G5. Its clean, simple look – imagine if an iPod grew into a full-size, self-contained PC – ‘It’s about time they designed a computer like this.’ … With the iMac G5, Apple has given Mac fans yet another reason to stay in the fold. And its unparalleled execution should attract would-be Windows PC buyers, as well.”

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, Apple has a winner on its hands, the Dvoraks and Enderles of the world excepted (see below). We wonder if Cupertino now wishes they had skipped straight from the original CRT iMac G3 directly to this form factor with a G4 instead of detouring with the iMac G4 dome/desk lamp models?

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  1. Nt sure about PC mag, but the Tech probally wasn’t quite ready when the deak lamp imac’s came out. Though I personally like the overall look of the imac lamp better, the new iMac’s are just so versitile it’s not even funny.

  2. Well, I see another storm brewing on the horizon…. (regular readers take note)

    It was just announced that the “Cow” has copied the G5 iMac…..

    Here are the pics…

    Wonder how long it will take before His Steveness notices…and goes after them ?

  3. I like the flat panel iMacs a lot. It was a computer that should have been made and I am glad I have one. That said, I sure would like to have one of the new G5s. Too bad Macs stay useful for so long! Hard to justify getting the new one. I have already gotten pre-approval for a G5 laptop though, wish they would hurry up.

  4. I think the new iMac is great, but I’m glad the desk lamp G4 made it’s appearance. I think it was the single most innovative computer design of all time. The G5 iMac is awesome in it’s own right, but it’s not too much different from a tablet or even a laptop for that matter.

    If you look at PC Mag’s reviews of Mac products over the last two years, they almost seem to be becoming a Mac-centric magazine. Eventually their readers will take note and stop sending their money to Redmond.

  5. They cheated a little, it has a power brick. The space and heat saving gained by using an external power supply helped Gateway to make this computer slim and elegant ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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