Father of Virginia Tech’s Power Mac G5 supercomputing cluster named among world’s top 100 scientists

“Seven Indian origin scientists, including Srinidhi Varadarajan who built a super computer from off-the-shelf commercial products, were named among the world’s top 100 young researchers by technology review published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),” ExpressIndia.com reports.

“Varadarajan, director of Terascale Computing Facility, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, conceived and built the world’s third-fastest supercomputer from a cluster of 1,100 Apple Macintoshes. The project cost at around USD 5 million when world-class supercomputers cost USD 100 million or more,” ExpressIndia.com reports. The young researcher used off-the-shelf commercial products to design the supercomputer in less than three months, as he did not have the hundreds of millions of dollars for the purpose.”

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  1. In other news, Paul Thurrott, who has mercilessly derided Apple Computer, was recently named winner of the “Dan Rather Excellence in Journalism Award”. In his acceptance speech Thurrott stated, �This prestigious honor has validated my career-long goal of service to the tech community and my own superior intellect.� Jayson Blair provided the keynote address, �Reporting News Isn�t As Much Fun As Making News.� The simultaneous annual convention of the �Liars Club International� at a nearby hotel was reported to be �completely coincidental� by an unnamed source. Circulating papers purportedly showing editorial comments of the �former Killian documents� in John Kerry�s hand were summarily dismissed as a hoax.

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