Apple’s rumored retail mini-store ‘G5 stainless steel’ interiors revealed

Apple is rumored to be opening a series of mini-stores across the country soon.

“The concept seems to have changed from locations on university campuses, to stores close to existing Apple stores. At the same time, the architecture and design of the stores, described as being 1,500 square feet or less, has been a mystery–until now,” ifoAppleStore reports. “Here is a photo of the interior of a mini-store, taken from outside the store, in a public place. First, you can see that the pre-dominant decor is stainless steel, both on the walls and near the ceiling. In the second photo, you can see a detail of the metal near the ceiling on the right side of this store, and it appears to have the same ‘G5’ design used in the flagship store designs–thousands of tiny holes in the metal.”

ifoAppleStore reports, “it’s pretty clear this store is very narrow, and not very deep. Using the door width [as a basis for calculations]… the retail floor space [appears] to be 15-feet wide, and about 18 feet deep, or about 270 square feet. Even if this calculation is somewhat off, it’s still a small store! It makes you wonder how many employees and visitors could fit in this store at once, or what a grand opening event might look like!”

Full article and photos here.


  1. HAHA.. see that metal thing with the handles..

    I used one of those at an old job at a bakery.. it’s used for raising heavy bowls..

    We would put steel bowls in their (filled with cookie dough) … with the handles you raise the bowl and then flip it, to dump the dough into another machine that cut the dough..


    Innovation.. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I don’t like this. Why are the miniStores not on college campuses? This is a VERY logical place to put Apple, especially given the resurgence in interest and, of course, the iPod phenomenon.

  3. A small store will work very well in a lot of locations. There can be a huge amount of inventory in the back while iPods, iSight, Airport Cards, Airport and Airport Express are behind locked glass. That leaves a lot of room for computers and displays. For openings and other times the back room can not only be packed tight, but the store can also be replenished on a very rapid basis. Would love to see one here in Tulsa.

  4. Hey, 15×18 is bigger than my dorm room, better lit, and probably has better plumbing and electrical work. I just wish there was a store on the west side of Michigan, instead of the two in Detroit. Well, I can go there if I decide to visit my mom, working for RadioShack over there, selling iPods from HP!

  5. I just wish there was an Apple Store close to me period here in Jacksonville, FL. The closest store is in Orlando. We have to make due with a stupid CompUSA in the meantime.

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