Apple’s iTunes Music Store posts exclusive John Mayer live concert series

Apple has posted an exclusive John Mayer live concert series via iTunes Music Store:

We’ve spent the last month capturing some of John Mayer’s best live performances for the exclusive As/Is Concert Series. “The wrong notes are as wrong as the right ones are right. In the end, the way the songs make you feel is the only thing that matters,” Mayer says describing the newly recorded material as “a mainline from the stage directly to the fans.”

If you’ve missed any of them, the full set of four exclusive shows is now complete and available on iTunes:

– As/Is Concert Series, Philadelphia, PA/Hartford, CT, Release Date: 8/31/04, Total Songs: 10
– As/Is Concert Series, Houston, TX, Release Date: 8/17/04, Total Songs: 10
– As/Is Concert Series, Cleveland/Cincinnati, OH, Release Date: 8/24/04, Total Songs: 10
– As/Is Concert Series, Mountain View, CA, Release Date: 8/10/04, Total Songs: 10

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  1. Dude. This news is REALLY late. This promo was active during the month of August. It’s September 20th.

    I have 3 of the albums, myself, but come on. This is not current news.

  2. Geez Ray, give em a break. They are trying to make a living and it is no skin off your nose. The fact that you are posting here means you are getting value from them, do you really begrudge them getting something for their efforts in return? Especially if it does not take one cent out of your pocket?

  3. Hey, I got Ferdinand Dumpfugger Trio’s latest CD at Tower!

    Great songs:

    Nostradumbass Steve
    Steve the Fartbreathe
    If I’m retarded, then I must be Steve
    Cornholer Steve
    Steve the gaybar’s janitor
    Monkey-spanking Steve
    I’m Steve, I hate myself
    I’m Steve’s momma, I hate Steve
    I’m Steve’s sister & wife, I’m gonna cut him
    BillyNobGobbler Steve and the Rancheroos
    Say howdy to Steve the cruiser
    Stop breaking wind in Steve’s tent
    I’m Steve’s Daddy, man he’s a mummy-boy turd
    Do you remember Steve? No!

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