NY Post: ‘New modern-art iMac G5 can be hung on the wall that will attract a lot of folks’

“If Apple’s new iMac G5, which premieres this weekend, looks familiar, there’s a good reason: It resembles an iPod, supersized. By evoking the iPod’s slimmed down innovative design, Apple is betting the iMac G5 picks up some of the buzz – and the tremendous sales – the portable music player has enjoyed,” Mary Huhn reports for The New York Post. “The company could use the help: Apple’s share of the personal computer market has shrunk to 2 percent from 8 percent over the past decade.”

“In a case where form drives function, the new modern-art iMac is an all-in-one component that incorporates the hard drive and processor into the 17-inch or 20-inch display. A two-inch thick, pure white rectangle, it can be hung on the wall like a flat-screen TV,” Huhn reports. “‘People buy a plasma TV not just for the picture – they like the design. You hang it on your wall,’ said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst with Jupiter Research. ‘There’s a design element in the G5 that will attract a lot of folks out there.'”

Huhn reports, “Designers agree… With a starting price of $1,299, it’s also less expensive that previous Apple desktops. That may not compare to a Windows-based bargain for $500, but that’s not comparing apples to apples, say analysts. ‘I would compare it to a good name-brand machine, like a $2,000 Sony Vaio laptop. It’s expensive but worth it,’ said Mark Anbinder, a senior consultant at Cornell University. ‘I wouldn’t compare it to a $499 Dell system that’s advertised on TV. I’d compare it to a $1,500 decent product with decent support… It’s a powerful machine, compact and inexpensive and does everything the average user needs.'”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Cornell’s Mark Anbinder says the new iMac G5 is “expensive” in one sentence and then “inexpensive” in the next. Huh? How about “the iMac G5 seems expensive until you look at the features and specs, then you realize it’s inexpensive and really quite a great deal from Apple,” instead?


  1. With all the marketing gurus at Apple, I’m really surprised that there hasn’t been a single press photo depicting an iMac mounted on a wall, like suspended over a chrome & glass desk or something. I realize that they don’t make the arms/mounts, but even an artist’s conception to get the point across to the public would be one of the more striking portrayals of the innovation that went into the iMac design. There’s not too many other computers out there you can hang on a wall.

  2. ive never wanted to hang my computer or monitor on the wall, but maybe there are pc users who have been holding out for just this feature………whatever

    the imac g5 is money; its a g5 imac! enough said

  3. That’s iPod not I-Pod … the latter sounds so PC-clumsy-ish! Small details matter kenh.

    Regarding hanging on a wall, I guess it is possible though there needs to be an equally elegant solution for routing cables or doing without (rather than putting a hole in the wall!). If used for its primary purpose as a simple all-in-one computer with a wireless keyboard and an Airport card I guess all one needs is a power cord. But accessing the USB and Firewire ports elegantly is a challenge. A sufficiently high bandwidth short distance version of Firewire (or any other protocol) to a device-base station might be useful. But I suspect, until that happens for most folks who want to hook up their DV cameras and external drives the iMac-G5 will stay pretty near the desk.

    Hmmm … is wireless Firewire out yet?

  4. I don’t get the “hang it on the wall” thing. What wall? Since when are you going to look a computer screen that’s absolutely perpendicular to your eyes. Our Apple Store just got their iMac G5s in and it is sweet. My first thought echoes the New York Post article– it looks just like a big, very big iPod with a huge screen. I found two other articles that said exactly EXACTLY the same thing:



    I’m convinced that this might be the “breakout” machine that Apple needs to start the road back to some market share gains. 2-percent just sounds anemic to me.

  5. Chrisopher: “suspended over a chrome & glass desk or something.”

    Since when would you put a stunning desk like that against a wall? One thing I can imagine though is companies, especially advertising agencies, using wall-mounted iMacs as an alternative to really expensive plasma screens. Another great use for the iMacs would be in mobile scientific vehicles. The minimum spacerequirement must surely be very attractive for a purpose like that.

  6. Dear ‘Marv the Macster’ and ‘yankees suck’!

    What’s the problem?

    Many people have their desks against a wall, like myself, and when you can mount your computer on it, your desktop is completely cleared.

    That can’t be too difficult to envisage.

  7. ‘Marv the Macster’,

    I forgot to mention something. I think the word used in the article -‘hang’- is misleading.

    You mount the computer (iMac), of course, on an adjustable ‘arm’.

    That gives you even more flexibility than the old iMac.

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