The Mozilla Organization posts Firefox 1.0 Preview Release open-source browser for Mac OS X

Firefox 1.0PR is the preview release of the final 1.0 version of the open-source browser from The Mozilla Organization.

It offers several new features, including Live Bookmarks which is a new technology in Firefox that lets you view RSS news and blog headlines in the bookmarks toolbar or bookmarks menu.


  1. Been using it wonderfully for a day now. Still have funky things happen when a Java applet is running and I place a tab above it, portions of the applet running underneath renders in the tab above. All in all, fast.

  2. I use Firefox and see a big improvement in the latest version. The bookmark bar is superior to Safari, pages load very fast and the search field on the top-right allows me to install any search engine I like. It may not have the brushed metal theme but I would hardly say that Firefox looks like a Windows app; in fact, if you do not like the default look you can easilly install another theme. I highly recommend this browser to all Mac, Windows and Linux users.

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