Sonance introduces iPort; in-wall and rack-mount docking stations for the Apple iPod

Combining the hottest portable audio product in the world with extensive experience in custom installation products, Sonance, the leader in architectural audio, today introduced the Sonance iPort, an in-wall docking station for the Apple iPod that integrates the player seamlessly into any multi-room audio system as a source component. Compatible with Sonance’s full line of IR control systems, amplifiers and accessories, the iPort turns any room into an iPod concert hall.

“The iPod is an icon in the consumer electronics industry today, and the iPort is the first product that integrates it effortlessly into a distributed audio system,” said Mitch Witten, Sonance Vice President of Sales & Marketing in the press release. “It’s a great solution for existing multi-room systems as well as for new installations. In one room, or in every room in the house, just walk over to the iPort, drop in your iPod and your entire music library is now part of your home audio system.”

The iPort, which will begin shipping before the end of the year, will come in two versions: one that can be installed in any wall location and connected locally or to the main audio system, and a rack-mountable version to integrate the iPod within an audio equipment rack. Additionally, the company has said the iPort will include parts to accommodate all Apple iPod models, as well as connections for power, control and audio output. Pricing for the docking station and accessories are to be announced.

MacDailyNews Note: No iPort information or images appear to be available currently from the Sonance website. If anyone has additional information, please post it in the reader feedback below. Thank you.


  1. Hmmm, I bought an airport express a while back and it works great with my stereo system (esp given that my iTunes and iPod are upstairs and my stereo downstairs). Except for having a remote to control what song comes next, I can’t see what Sonance’s product will have that would make me interested in it now….

  2. From: Nelson Films
    Date: September 13, 2004 10:34:44 AM EDT
    Subject: Where is the product?

    Hello Sonance:

    When I read about your new iPod dock at MacWorld News…

    …. I rushed to your website to view a photo and details of this wonderful product. MacWorld even linked to your site.

    Guess what?

    No mention of this product at your site.

    What fool was in charge of this product introduction?

    Robert Panna
    Nelson Films
    Toronto, Canada.

  3. Users want choice.. although Apple is making as many diff. versions of the iPod line as possible, if you look at the accessory line, and compare it to… say.. the Creative Zen line of accessories (pretty much non-existent).. The iPod platform is being risen to ubiquity because of these awesome accesories.

  4. even if you had a BMW, you’d still be looking for a good solution. considering the fact that this is BMW and Apple teaming to design the product…they really fucked up this one. You can only play songs using 5 pre-made playlists, and select songs at random…hardly intuitive.

    Alpine has a new deck for the iPod, $100, looks nice except for the gawdy multi-colored LED display.

  5. Brian,
    lets not forget that Apple and BMW integrated the iPod into an pre-existing audio system, one that wasn’t designed for the iPod. This is just a starter, I belive in the near future car companys will start building systems designed for iPod with a built in dock on the dash and a more intuitive interface.

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