Is Microsoft’s stripped-down ‘Longhorn’ worth waiting for?

“Longhorn needs a new name. It’s not just because I’m tired of the bovine references and the ‘shorthorn’ jokes. No, the problem is that the future version of Windows formerly known as Longhorn in many ways won’t resemble the Longhorn that Microsoft described last fall at its Professional Developers Conference,” Mike Ricciuti writes for CNET News. “Why can’t Microsoft–the world’s largest software company, with thousands of talented programmers and billions of dollars in the bank–bring the unified storage concept to life?”

“Next year, Apple plans to launch new search tools [Spotlight] as part of the Tiger release of OS X. And the Linux camp isn’t far behind: Novell says it’s retooling its iFolder software to give its SuSE Linux unified search capabilities,’ Ricciuti writes. “The capabilities of these various schemes vary, and details are sketchy. But clearly, Microsoft–which popularized the idea of unified search–will likely lose the race to market with actual product. Now the challenge for the company is to convince customers that Longhorn–or whatever you think we should call it–is still worth waiting for.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Was it ever worth waiting for Longhorn, even if it did have all of its promised features? Of course, we already have Mac OS X Panther today, we’re not stuck with Windows XP, so forgive us for not awaiting the promise of ‘Longhorn’ with bated breath. Moo.


  1. RE: ” Realistically, most Windows users will be so ecstatic from their decade-long wait that objectivity will be shot, pure emotionalism will be rampant, and a spending spree will ensue to validate their mindless fascination with MS. Pathetic.”

    Absolutely true.

    I work for a manufacturer of motherboards, high end type specialized for specific industries. Some of these motherboards sell for $45,000.

    I have a co-worker, huge gamer, (that literally is all he uses Windows for, and it is amazing how many of those people exist) who is literally ecstatic that Longhorn will be delayed.

    I am not joking, he is ecstatic because he says that will ensure that they get it right, and put and end to Apple once and for all! He agrees with the 2008-2009 timeframe.

    The funny part is that he does not do e-mail on his personal laptop due to security problems, and cannot believe that I do on-line banking on my I-Book with OSX.

    He is proud that next month he is going to sit down and reconfigure his Dell with XP laptop so he can once again go on a network with other gamers in our company.

    These are people with degrees in computer engineering in the company, who assume in their daily lives that it is normal to NOT be able to connect to other computers, and they literally believe that I am lying about being able to network using my I-Book.

    No, I will not say who the company is.

  2. mike…

    this news sounds like it upsets you … one must wonder why ?

    perhaps you should become a mac user yourself, so you can save money on asprin and laugh at at the idiots who are waiting patiently to spend their hard earned money on yet another OS that certainly will crumble under the weight of all those security patches its going to need..

  3. This just goes to show that the existence of Microsoft is the biggest piece of blind dumb luck to occur in the past 100 years. It’s like a giant dung ball rolling down a never ending hill, just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It boggles the mind how such a large group of people can be so completely dependant on something that is actually hurting them or at the very least holding them back.

    Who are all these thousands brilliant programmers? What are they doing all day, playing Doom3 no doult. Someday someone will do a study of the biggest scam that history has ever known.

  4. A few months ago, there was a story going around concerning the hacking of the Micro$oft web site.. The hackers, evidently, did such a good job .. Billy Gates was forced to co-locate the entire domain…

    The hilarious part of the story was who ended up hosting it…. Akami…

    Correct me if Im wrong here, but doesnt Akami use Linux and OSX servers ?

    Talk about having some egg on the face

  5. RE: can’t do that.

    Well, ok, a few minor clues.

    It is in the US, you would recognize the company names of some of the people we build for, but would not recognize the products themselves because many of them are for servers of things like ATM machines, or medical equipment, and I think very few would recognize our company name.

    You would not see our stuff in desktop or laptop computers.

    I know that just makes it more mysterious, but it’s not that unusual because subcontractors are a way of life these days.

    I only made the original comment as a way of commenting on computer culture, and how so often those who work in the nuts and bolts part of it are sometimes a bunch of knotheads, just like in everything else in life.

  6. There must be a sort of syndrome of beaten partner going on among Windows users.

    They are beaten up badly, they know is not good, everybody tell them they have to quit the abuser, still they believe the abuser saying them “sorry, won’t happen again, I am on the right track” till next beat-up.

    Promises never kept, still the abuser-abused relationship rests on strong bounds. Difficult to break loose.

    And yes, even with the cuts on the project, the abusers see that as proof that *this* time Microsoft is on track to deliver, otherwise they would have kept the promises “See? they cut this and that so they could truly deliver a good product. Longhorn will be great”

    I have heard that. Felt pity for the chap.

  7. To add insult to injury, the chap bought a 17″ HP laptop, paying practically what would have given him a 17″ Powerbook with slightly better configuration. Reason? To be ready for Longhorn.
    Could you believe it?

    And then they bash Steve RDF. This is not reality distortion, this is Microsoft sucking the brain of their customers and load their skull with shit.
    It is a miracle they still look like human beings and talk rather then the idiots they truly are.

    What can I say. Idiocy sucks.

  8. If MS had totally started from scratch it might have been worthwhile but using legacy code is just going to continue the constant patches. Apple really needs to air commercials showing off Tiger next year and tout 64bit support and 32bit backward. And at the end of the commercial list off all the popular available apps that wintel heads would recognize.

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