Is Microsoft’s stripped-down ‘Longhorn’ worth waiting for?

“Longhorn needs a new name. It’s not just because I’m tired of the bovine references and the ‘shorthorn’ jokes. No, the problem is that the future version of Windows formerly known as Longhorn in many ways won’t resemble the Longhorn that Microsoft described last fall at its Professional Developers Conference,” Mike Ricciuti writes for CNET News. “Why can’t Microsoft–the world’s largest software company, with thousands of talented programmers and billions of dollars in the bank–bring the unified storage concept to life?”

“Next year, Apple plans to launch new search tools [Spotlight] as part of the Tiger release of OS X. And the Linux camp isn’t far behind: Novell says it’s retooling its iFolder software to give its SuSE Linux unified search capabilities,’ Ricciuti writes. “The capabilities of these various schemes vary, and details are sketchy. But clearly, Microsoft–which popularized the idea of unified search–will likely lose the race to market with actual product. Now the challenge for the company is to convince customers that Longhorn–or whatever you think we should call it–is still worth waiting for.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Was it ever worth waiting for Longhorn, even if it did have all of its promised features? Of course, we already have Mac OS X Panther today, we’re not stuck with Windows XP, so forgive us for not awaiting the promise of ‘Longhorn’ with bated breath. Moo.


  1. Of course, M$ had to popularize the idea otherwise it might never be developed. M$ doesn’t actually innovate, they steal, er, um, borrow, from others. Because vendors other than Apple are developing the idea, M$ is free to steal from anyone, and avoid the apprearance of monopolistic practices because “everyone” is developing this technology.

  2. Why don’t they call it Windows XP SP3?

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  3. MDN…please fix this error:
    “Was ever worth waiting for Longhorn even if it did have all of its promised features?”


    Was it ever worth waiting for Longhorn, even if it did have all of its promised features?

    ..or something to that effect…

  4. Well, I, for one, wait with much anticipation for the release of Longhorn….

    Why ?

    I’m curious to see how many apps it breaks, how many security holes it will have, and how much easier it will be for the malware writers to have fun with it !!

    Gates and his WinLemmings just dont get it…do they ?

  5. “Why don’t they call it Windows XP SP3?”

    While that may be all “Longhorn” may be in reality, MS wants to make money off of this release. That means they have to change the name in order to fool the sheep into spending money for a service pack.

    And they complain about OS X. At least we can point out new features.

  6. Progress in OS development is based on product not promises. It has been 9 years since MS promised Longhorn’s release and still the world waits. By the time MS offers something that may or may not be likened to Longhorn it is probable that MS will be so far behind the curve of OS development that their efforts will be practically irrelevant.

    I have no confidence in MS to do much more than provide its consumers with minor and incremental changes to its existing DOS-based OS coupled with numerous and regular security patches. MS is being crushed by its own weight of incompetence and complacency

  7. What stinks is that M$ can really take all the time they want. When they release it, they’ll pump a ton of money into marketing, and all the drones will go out and buy it. And the reviewers will find it so “revolutionary”, even though Apple and probably Linus will have had something similar but better out for a while by then. Remember the hoopla around Windows 95?

  8. iggyb, sad but all too true. Microsoft will release Longhorn with enough fanfare to put a brass band to shame. When M$ snaps its fingers the media will fall in line to give all the free “advertisement” (under the guise of news stories) they can.

    The average person will be mindlessly attracted by the noise and shell out his/her money.

  9. To Ed:

    But they do have new features. You know, all those broken apps�that’s a feature of any release of Windows! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />)

  10. WinFS is still being promised as a “beta” at Launch and a “service pack” later. I have no doubt that they will eventually ship the whole thing. The real question is: “Will anybody want it?’

  11. iggyb & Mac Daddy:

    Ideally, the longer the wait, the greater the anticipation, and the more likely that Longhorn will be reviewed with stringent analysis and rigorously compared with existing Apple and Linux OS’s.

    Realistically, most Windows users will be so ecstatic from their decade-long wait that objectivity will be shot, pure emotionalism will be rampant, and a spending spree will ensue to validate their mindless fascination with MS. Pathetic.

  12. Linux isn’t far behind.. ??

    PFFFT yes it is..

    Wait wait wait.. the next version will be an XP upgrade! So they’re still based on XP.. and their adding the three pillars individually..

    Ah.. Uh oh…


    which is still based on Win95…

    Which is a complete mess..

    BASTARDS.. I thought they were going to start from the ground up…

    the delays are due to going back and including XP sp2 in the longhorn release..

    what bullshit.. they had the chance to start from scratch.. but they won’t do it.

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