Will Bill Gates goad Steve Jobs into adding video to Apple iPod?

“Microsoft unveiled both the MSN Music Service, which caters to the many mobile music devices supporting the Windows Media format, and the Portable Media Center, which adds video capability,” Blane Warrene reports for MacNewsWorld. “Could these new developments — not to mention Bill Gates’ recent mocking of Steve Jobs for his reluctance to pursue mobile video — goad Apple into adding LCD to the iPod?”

“Phil Leigh of Inside Digital Media believes Jobs is taking the right course. He doesn’t think portable players for video make much sense unless users have eyeglass screens to wear. He thinks watching video on a small portable screen would be like having music come out of a tiny speaker on the iPod. ‘You listen to music on an iPod thru headphones. Few of us would like the experience if the sound came from a half-dollar-sized speaker in the iPod. That dog won’t hunt,’ Leigh said. In the absence of eyeglass screens, he added, the next best bet is a 12- or 14-inch screen. ‘If you want a laptop computer-sized screen, then you simply use your laptop PC for videos and not some smaller device like a video-enabled iPod,'” Warrene reports. “Michael McGuire, senior analyst with Gartner G2, agrees. He thinks the ‘portable media center’ already exists. He calls it a notebook.”

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MacDailyNews Take: More information about Apple’s “portable media centers,” commonly known as iBook and PowerBook, can be found here and here.


  1. Hmm… you just never know with Apple. Asuming the next iPod is 60gigs (nobody knows for sure) will it be ‘just another iPod’, only bigger. Or will it have some other functionality ? Video on the iPod can only work one way IMHO. Have a video out socket. Then instead of lugging your laptop round to your mates place, you simply have an iPod in your pocket with a couple of movies on it, and simply plug in to your TV and watch them there. You can’t jog & watch Star Wars (squinting at those marvelous special fx) at the same time.

  2. iPod already has a “video out socket,” it’s called FireWire. The dock connector just needs a cable that ends in S-Video or RCA or whatever you wish for your TV. Unless Apple plans to make a box (TiVO-like) that connects to your TV that accepts the iPod…

  3. what about hooking up with MTV, VH1 or FUSE to make the videos for the songs available to play along with the song on the ipod. Possibly an additonal purchase ($$cash revenue$$).

  4. Gates amazingly enough has a point. I sure would like watching Finding Nemo on an intercontinental flight provided the screen was bigger.

    I see three possibilities at the moment.
    1. A “bubble” screen (nice to magnify, terrible on distortion but who knows, elegance and design with a dash of physics.

    2. Restrictive market. Hit the kids. They will love it. That is what is interesting about the idea.

    3. “Popularize the screen” This is a wild one. Imagine cars, trains (stations), buses (stations), aeroplanes (airports) and automobiles with larger screens inserted into the back of the seats or waiting areas. Plug the iplaypod into the connection, watch your larger screen movie.

    Time to get some synergy from the collaborative corporations.

  5. Gates amazingly enough has a point. I sure would like watching Finding Nemo on an intercontinental flight provided the screen was bigger.

    er think about how often you would use this thing.. the ipod on the other hand almost never leaves you.. it’s in your pocket or in your purse..

    this thing.. eh.. how many times during the day will you choose downloaded content on a 3 inch screen over a real tv…

    i mean.. jeez.. many people are choosing internet over tv for content (news, sports etc).. so why would someone choose THIS over TV… gah!

    60GB ipod as storage to play movies through a real tv please

  6. I understand what Steve is saying about not wanting to watch movies on a small screen. But there are two words which came up this past weekend which made me think twice:

    Game Boy

    I was hanging out with some kids. A couple of them had GameBoys and were playing games. They were in the zone, so I didn’t want to disturb them (and my video game skills are less than stellar, so I certainly didn’t want to challenge them!) But the ability to play video games anywhere certainly overrode the issues of small screen size.

    While I’m not convinced that I’d want to watch a big budget Hollywood spectacular on one of them, I could see watching downloaded TV shows on my lunch break. With clever syncing, so that I could watch 30 minutes at lunch, come home, and watch the rest of it on my TV, it might be worthwhile.

    Heck, I still haven’t finished “24” from last season…

  7. “Could these new developments — not to mention Bill Gates’ recent mocking of Steve Jobs for his reluctance to pursue mobile video — goad Apple into adding LCD to the iPod?”

    Bill Gates goaded Apple since he needed Apple to design the videoPod and movie distribution model for him. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    BTW, I found the above quote funny, since iPod does have an LCD.

  8. Hey how else are we supposed to be able to share our imovies? Of all the iLife programs the ipod can interact with iPhoto, garageband and iTunes, but no iMovie? Not sure if a lot do use it for family movies, but would be a nice and easy way to share a vacation with the relatives. Just plug the ipod up to a tv and voila you got your vacation in Europe to show to the family.

  9. If your kids want to watch “finding Nemo” in the backseat, why not buy them a portable DVD player? What’s the need of filling a 20GB iPod with 10 movies just to watch them on a 2″ or 3″ LCD screen? Steve is right in keeping the iPod to music. If ever there will be a TabletMac, that would be the gear to watch movies…

  10. What?

    Longhorn is extinct. Internet explorer is defunct. Other than security patches for XP and a pathetically crude imitation of iTMS what �innovative� products has Microsoft delivered? How can anyone confidently conclude that Microsoft is a leader in technological development?

    Bill Gates et al are in a holding pattern destined to enter a free fall. The only thing maintaining Microsoft is its commercial inertia. Eventually consumer frustration will cause people to look elsewhere for answers to their Microsoft problems.

  11. Microsoft’s Portable Media Centres will have to compete with SONY’s PlayStation Portable. The PSP will be sold as a next-generation hand-held that can also play movies; it will feature a 16:9 screen and use Memory Sticks and UMD media. Microsoft’s approach with the PMC is that it is a portable movie player that can also display pictures and play music. When you compare the two it becomes very hard to get excited about PMC.

  12. Sol– proof that ‘success is a medecine that convinces people that they can’t fail’

    convergence sucks, and the Ngage sucks and the PSP will be great for games, but will suck at everything else…

    as for PMD.. they suck at movies and.. ehm.. showing people your pictures is hardly worth the price tag..

    lastly … movies.. you have to sit still to watch movies, making a portable movie player nearly useless.. hrm.. i wonder why existing Portable video players aren’t selling..

    so is bill…

  13. The iPod as a storage medium for still or motion video is OK. Why not use technology already present in the home to share video?

    Plug the iPod into the TV, computer, or DVD player and view to your heart’s content. Most people I know watch videos and look at pictures as a group activity.

    A wireless remote would make the interface most useful to pause, rewind, back up, go foward, etc. Using wireless technology to send audio through the stereo on can listen to the video with quality sound or add background music to the photo presentation. I’m sure that with Automator one could easily program each photo presentation.

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