Dallas Morning News writer goes gaga over Microsoft’s iTunes Music Store killer

“Microsoft has unveiled the face of its iTunes Music Store killer. Although it


  1. Well, I live in Dallas. And I can tell you that the Dallas Morning News is nothing but a rag that we use to line litter boxes with here anyway. So this lousy article is no surprise coming from that joke of a newspaper…

  2. “Lackluster?” From Microsoft? Quite a scoop there, Doug.

    One sounds exactly like Kermit The Frog and other one one is a dancin’ fool whose over-the-top, unhinged screams make Howard Dean sound like Steven Wright.

    Two more reasons why I read MDN every damn day!

  3. Let these idiots fill their players with Micro$oft controlled music. As soon as they stop making payments for their music they will see how stupid they really are! After all M$ only cares about their checkbooks!

    Every morning Gates wakes up, look himself in the mirror and thinks of new ways of getting money from his LEMMINGS, I mean customers!

  4. “Music is cool. Apple is cool. iPod is cool. iTunes is cool.”

    Yes, they are cool. But anyone can at least TRY to be cool.

    One thing that Apple has…that NO ONE ELSE has is….


    That, at it’s essence, is what separates Apple from everyone else.

  5. I don’t want to rent my music. Steve Jobs has reiterated this point that most people do not want to rent there music. I don’t want to pay a monthly fee even when I’m not purchasing any music. And then if I stop what happens to the music I already purchase? I’ll tell you what happens, it dies! So what that means is if you buy/rent from Microsoft and decide later to quit all the money you spent before stays in Microsofts pockets while all the music you bought/rent dies! iTunes does not do this and that’s why I’ll stick with iTunes and my iPod thank you very much. 9 cents isn’t going to break the bank but paying rent on a monthly basis even when I’m not buying music would!

  6. 800 Gorillas can’t swim either.

    Of course one has to buy a very uncool proprietary WMA(10) player to play those “rented” songs.

    Folks are not going to go for it. Except some uptight religious fanatics.

    Why do that when you can get your music free or buy it at the #1 Online Music Store and play both on your absolutely cool iPod?

    BTW, has anyone told the RIAA how easy it is to rip music off of subscription services?

    Download everything you want and use Audio HiJack to make your rips.

    Even if the songs have your digital signature in the sound channel, somebody will find it and create a extraction program.

    The RIAA is better off selling the music through online stores, that way you get someone buying, they pay up front more $$.

    Subscription services allows people to download everything they want for very little return up front.

    Subscribers just download and laugh. This is bad for business and I expect eventually a lot of subscription based businesses to fail.

    If iTMS is barely making a profit, and makes big bucks for the RIAA.

    What does a subscription service hpe to accomplish?

    M$ is doing it as a defense measure WMA vs ACC.

    It’s a losing business and only M$ with it’s $$$$ can afford to play.

    My choice is Apple, the only company that can stand up to M$ domination.

    The rest are going to fail.

  7. The seamless elegance of having ones desktop media hub fully integrated with ones online source for music downloads is totally overlooked by this reviewer. Saving 9 cents on an album is irrelevant when one could, in theory, get the album free if one wanted to go through a couple of extra mouse clicks. It is not until one is working on an iMovie edit while easily adding photos and searching for the right music from the iTunes store that one actually understands the whole beauty of iLife and why this MS knock-off is such a clunky and lame wannabe.

  8. i live in the Dallas area. and i can tell you the Dallas Morning News is the biggest piece of crap i have ever encounter. (BIG just like Texas).
    anyway i have learned that they are biased (Pro War, pro bush, pro republican, pro white and pro Cowboys(football team).
    if you don’t fit in that category, the only thing left reading is the Comics page. even that is to some extent because they move the Boodocks to the Style Section put it on a page by itself for no other reason because it is minority oriented and because it tends to be anti-Bush.

    In any case, take it from a local: Not worth the ink you guys are spilling. move one.

  9. Proof? Just like with MHz and GHz, you cannot compare bit rates against different Codecs. Perhaps AAC is more efficient and sounds better at 128 kbps than WMA sounds at 160 kpbs?

    bitter? Perception is everything.

    There is a market of people who listen to music because it’s in the top 40. They don’t want to own music, most of which isn’t very good.

    This market may be small. But faced with the possibility of this business model, you’re liable to take it.

    People gravitate to things with extra features. The idea that they’re getting something for nothing. Rent the music you like, decide what you want, and buy what you really end up liking. In a way it’s similar to buying DVDs, you watch it first, usually. Or music, you listen to it first, either on the radio, or in a listening booth, or a friend’s player…

    Don’t bash something just because it isn’t offered by Apple. If it was offered by Apple, would you change your mind? Seriously think about that… if Apple offered rental music, would you change your tune?

  10. [I]Later this fall, Microsoft will reveal its ultimate weapon. Code-named Janus, it is a brilliant innovation in ‘digital rights management’ that will allow people to rent, rather than buy, tracks from subscription-based digital music stores.[/I]

    Billy Gates said that MSN Music has no plans to offer subscriptions. Janus was developed to keep Napster in business.

    Journalism? Or just another MS apologist?

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