Microsoft’s MSN ‘Digital Media Mall’ aims to promote Windows as platform for digital media

“The goal of the MSN Music store isn’t as much to make a profit on music downloads as it is to foster the use of Windows as a platform for digital media,” Todd Bishop reports for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “Microsoft’s Windows Media Player 10, released last week, includes a new feature that the company calls the ‘Digital Media Mall.’ Accessed via a drop-down menu in the upper-right portion of the player, the mall lets users access Microsoft’s MSN Music store, a preliminary version of which was unveiled last week.”

“It’s similar to Apple Computer’s iTunes software, which provides access to the iTunes Music Store from within the iTunes music player,” Bishop reports. “But unlike the iTunes software, the Microsoft player’s mall also connects to other music stores — such as Napster,, MusicNow and others — that are competing for market share against the MSN Music store.”

“Even with the inclusive approach, users won’t find music stores in the Windows Media Player from two of MSN Music’s biggest competitors, Apple’s iTunes and RealNetworks’ RealPlayer Music Store, which use their own formats,” Bishop reports. “However, Microsoft points out that services in the mall are not required to use the Windows Media format. In theory, at least, that means RealNetworks or Apple could put their services into the media mall by signing a Windows Media licensing agreement and building a plug-in to allow the Windows Media Player to play back files in their format.”

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  1. hmmm…

    1) Apple can PAY Microsoft a licensing fee.

    2) Apple can pay its programmers to create a plug-in for Microsoft so Microsoft’s Mall can play songs purchased from iTMS.

    And this benefits users how?

    I cannot even see REAL doing, let alone Apple.

  2. again.. tried accessing this site at my uni..


    they don’t work on macs..


    i’m using teh most uptodate Mac OS 10.3 and these itunes ads dont work.. what the hell? hahaha

  3. One Question…

    Anyone know if Billy Gates has had enough time to reverse-engineer iTunes and / or the ITMS yet ??

    His view of “innovation” for next year is looking at what Apple is doing this year !

  4. The iTMS ad at the bottom of these comments only opens up iTMS in my iTunes. Hell, I can open my own iTMS, thank you very much, without your help!

    I would think that clicking on the advertised track.album, such as “Bjork – Exclusive Bonus Track” would bring me directly to that track, but it doesn’t. It just opens up my iTunes, goes to iTMS homepage, and then reloads this MDN webpage and places a new random album cover in the iTunes ad. It leaves it up to me to go find the advertised track, if I can remember what it was before it was quickly redrawn and erased. As everyone knows, all they had to do was include the URL for that specific track (such as )

    But, if clicking on the add opens up my iTunes in a special way so that MDN gets a cut from everything I buy (besides the track advertised) then I am not too happy. (But, MDN must be ecstatic) I’d like to see something on my iTMS, up by the account info, that tells me WHO is getting a cut from my purchase. Must I quit iTunes and then relaunch it so MDN does not get a commission from it?

  5. Microsoft playing their ubiquity card for all its worth. It will remain to be seen if people are willing to settle for an inferior product and solution in this market. I hope not.

  6. This new iTunes affiliate thing is fantastic. Now it much more fun to support different sites than before. Okay it is only 5%, but it is easy money. Unfortunately I can�t do it yet.

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