ZDNet Editor: Apple will lose, Microsoft will win music wars

“As we await the debut of the MSN Music store this week, I’m amused by the mental hoops the tech press jumps through to manufacture a genuine possibility that Microsoft could lose the music wars,” Brian


  1. Windows users always find creative ways to get OS’s, productivity software, games, movies and music very cheaply or free as in beer. The vast majority do not want to pay full price or rent by the month a crappy WMA copy, especially a DRMed copy.

  2. OMG I saw a preview of microsoft’s music store and it is HOT. similar to itunes, but different. jury’s up on who will win in the long-run, but MS really took time and care with this one.

    apple still has the ipod though

  3. When will the media learn the hard lesson that millions upon millions of Windows users now know: Windows in any version is a buggy, unstable and vulnerable data disaster waiting to happen. Windows is a liability.

    No person in their right mind would use Windows once they have experienced the Mac.

    The tide is turning…. my company is NOW WINDOWS FREE!

    All Macs…. no downtime, no headaches. They just work.

  4. More people to buy doesn’t mean that they will. How much music will Microsoft have to offer and how much? From what I heard it will be the same price so big freaking deal. Also who wants to download infected music files that would crash there PC’s. We all know that they will not have anything for Macs either so they lose that business as well. Just like Real they also don’t have the software that will make it easy to use like iTunes which supports both platforms exactly the same. Real nor Microsoft will ever support both platforms. Funny, I thought Real was all about choice but I guess not. Microsoft will be the same and there digital rights will be like a hangmans noose as tight as it gets. I’ll stick with iTunes thank you very much. And I bet not even Microsoft will break iTunes hold on the music market.

  5. people buy computers, often enough, based on what they use at work. they almost don’t have a choice sometimes. people buy music and music players based on what they personally like. they do have a choice. windows users are not as stupid or gullible as this writer would make them out to be.

  6. The real question is how much money is MS willing to spend/lose in promoting their “Plays for Sure” music platform? Generally speaking advertising dollars can go a long way to selling mediocrity but Apple does have a huge lead. Could Bill Gates go insane spending his last dime trying to get uninterested music lover’s to come to his digital music party? Stay tuned…

  7. The odd and sad thing is that Microsoft makes moves like introducing a music store for recognition only. Apple, who has been #1 in the online music sales business since it became a business, openly admits that the profits made from iTMS are inconsequential. It just gives the majority one more large reason to choose the iPod over its rivals (I prefer bleep, thank you very much).

    However, opening another money-hemorrhaging wound won’t affect Microsoft. After all, they are surviving the XBOX quite well. This music store battle isn’t a matter of money; it is matter of pride. Microsoft just hates being second. Even with an insurmountable market share of desktop OSes, they still resent and admire Apple’s success. By M$’s equations, Apple should have collapsed long ago. But just like the Japanese economic model, it somehow works.

    Microsoft doesn’t want the money. They just want to have the superior product for once. Though they may never make it, they certainly have the money to try over and over again.

  8. ZDnet and others will learn, that when it comes to Music, “Good enough” is never good enough.

    Good Enough doesn’t keep planes in the air or ships afloat on the seas.

    Good enough doesn’t keep buildings standing, nor does it make streets last.

    Good enough doesn’t get you high honors and respect.

    Good enough will not let them succeed in the online music wars.

    Apple has learned throughout their years that in order to be right, they can’t be simple “Good Enough”, they had to be better. The best. And they are. The Music store reflects this belief. They never, EVER settle for “good enough”. They don’t go for “Just Right”, and make it just about every time. Microsoft has always settled for “Good Enough”. Why go for Perfect, when you have so many ignorant people out there willing to shell out cash for something they don’t understand to begin with. Well, People understand music. It’s a universal language. And when people see the mediocre way that Microsoft will handle this, they will know that they’ve been shortchanged, and will not buy from Microsoft’s store. Odds are Microsoft will at best get a small share of the pie, but I don’t see Apple losing much of anything to the Monopolysoft company.

  9. What the writer fails to consider is the momumental cool factor still attached to the iPod, iPod mini, and iTunes. These things don’t require as much money to advertise because the consumers, and the product, do most of the advertising for them.

    Microsoft is going to have to fight much harder than normal to try and establish itself as cool.

  10. What a joke. Microsoft hasn’t even released it yet and they are deemed to be successful? I highly doubt it. They are the last to enter the race, there aren’t many switchers in this kind of field (you choose one source and stick with it) or people who have yet to find an online downloading source. This will be another Microsoft failure on every level and will bug up their mentally handicaped operating system with however they try and integrate it through their msn networks.

    Pathetic on every level. Can’t wait for a laugh.

  11. What worked for Ronald Regan was that the US was capable of innovating with its defense dollars. The Soviets broke the bank trying to keep up. Apple will never have to keep up with M$. They can spend all the money they have and never leave Apple behind because they CANNOT innovate. Period.


  12. Microsoft’s mice are at least a 3.0. Word is a mess, but it’s the best mess out there period–it should get a 3.0 just because snotty know-it-alls that deride it fail to do any better. Visio is easily a 3.0. The invention of the scroller-wheel, at least a 3.0 for them. The xbox, at least a 3.0 and in my opinion a 3.33. And the xbox is a great lesson. Microsoft went in, and just is outspending sony to the point where now it’s outselling the playstation in the US.

    True, their flagship product, windows xp, blows and is not a 3.0 product. It’s barely a 1.5. That being said, I would put OS X at only a 2.33. C+. The iPod/mini at 3.33 B+.

  13. The voice of reason here. I’m not a troll btw, I’ve fallen out with family defending the mac.

    Microshaft WILL win the online music war. They’ll advertise it, force it on people, buy their competitors, screw their suppliers, give away songs by the hundred and claim they invented online music stores.

    If Real have got away with hacking Fairplay why won’t M$ do the same? Also their media player will suck but the grovelling media will love it, and guess what �it’ll be a hit.

    I was surprised to hear Phil in Paris say that we’ve now sold 4 million iPods worldwide. Is that a lot?

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