Introducing the iPod of personal computing: Apple’s iMac G5

This is a highly-experimental visual article. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words:

MacDailyNews Take: And now, we wait with bated breath for the appearance of the first iMac G5 Desktop Picture to feature the iPod user interface fullscreen.

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Apple’s new ‘Chiclet’ iMac G5 a design triumph meant to tempt Windows iPod users – August 31, 2004


  1. I had a guest looking for my tower last week, and I’ve got an eMac. He thought Apple had put the superdrive in the monitor (which he also thought was pretty cool). It took me a second to figure out why he was looking under my desk ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. What’s with this ‘chiclet’ thing ? Me no understand ! – Hywel

    I think it’s a sign how Mac users relates to the consumer models. Mac users assign names ourselves to distinguish computer models since Apple dropped names and numbers from the products. it’s funny, though, since we have names such as MDD, wind tunnel, B&W on the pro side, and yet we use “cute” names for the consumer models: jelly bean, iLamp, chiclet.

  3. Right. Thanks. I’ve never heard of chiclet chewing gum. It’s a cultural divide thing, which is a lot better than just being slow on the uptake. It makes some kind of sense now.

  4. Jay – it wasn’t a comment on the design. I was trying to find out what the hell a chiclet was.

    I took a step back and had a think about the design, particularly taking people’s negative comments on board. This was probably possible due to the diminished RDF, so I didn’t immediately love the design (as I normally would!).

    Having thought about it, with people criticising the positioning of the power switch and saying it’s too thick and it’s ugly or it’s too minimalist or it’s not innovative enough, I think they’ve done a really good job on this machine.

    The main detail I’ve hooked into is the power button. I think they’ve put the button at the back (and behind the power light for a spacial reference) so that you have to pinch it rather than prod it. And that means the display stays in place rather than tilting forward. The fact that it means there’s no visual disturbance at the front is a bonus.

    I’ve been looking at all the flat panel PC displays in work too. While none of them are as thick as the iMac at the edge, they’re all thicker in the middle and they all have ugly plastic stands. The also all have nasty beige or black plastic that is riddles with vent slits. They have ugly behinds.

    I’m sure many people don’t really care about having ugly rears (to their monitors), but looking around the office, the place would really benefit from nicer display design. It’s an open plan office and the backs of a lot of the monitors are clearly visible to people walking around the building.

    I can see that on a reception desk or in a client facing office, which needs to make a good impression, the iMac’s rear would be a real benefit.

    So I’m a fan, though I reserve the right to change my mind when I get to see one in the flesh.

    The almost subliminal iPod association is inspired. If this doesn’t sell well, I’ll be very surprised.

  5. Why didnt Apple put a scrowl wheel on the front is what i want to know, Jesus christ they love their pod so much they are now making a computer look like one. Apple needs big Help making a computer for consumers. All in one’s have killed their marketshare but they just dont get it.

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