Creative MuVo2 now comes in Apple iPod mini colors

“If you can’t beat ’em, copy ’em. Creative Technology today began selling an updated version of its MuVo2 hard drive-based music player in five alternative colours reminiscent of Apple’s iPod Mini,” Tony Smith reports for The Register. “The MuVo2 FM contains a 5GB hard drive, up from the current MuVo2’s 4GB unit. With a removeable, rechargeable battery that Creative claims can provide up to 14 hours’ playback, the device can output WMA, MP3 and WAV audio through a four-band equaliser with four pre-sets and a custom EQ option.”

The MuVo will not play songs purchased from Apple’s market-dominating iTunes Music Store which are encoded in AAC-protected format.

Smith reports, “Creative isn’t alone in attempting to take on the iPod Mini. Fellow MP3 player maker Rio Audio this week began shipping its 5GB Rio Carbon, and European PC provider Packard Bell is preparing a 5GB model of its own. The last two are one-colour models – so far Creative appears to be the first music player company to follow Apple’s lead down the multi-colour route.”

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  1. What a piece of garbage. They should mov it to the trash because I wouldn’t pay $245.00 for it. Are those little tiny buttons supposed to be controls? I can’t believe how Real is trying everything in its power to copy or steal from Apple. And yet doing such a BAD job of it. It’s not going to help you Real so just get over it and admit to defeat already.

  2. If you read the whole article it mentions that this model comes with a built in FM receiver. WTF were they thinking? I don’t go and buy a 300 dollar mp3 player so that I can listen to the radio instead of my 1000 songs…nice thinking.

  3. LOL, what a crap.

    Seems history repeating. Big success iMac 1st series 5 colors and what idiots around started to do? Sell the same crap in colors as the iMac. As if one was buying the iMac because it was in color.

    Idiots: it’s not the color.

    What’s more, if the picture is color-correct those are… YUCK!
    Did I say crap?

  4. UGLY !

    These Creative clowns obviously have no idea about design. Even the ancient Greeks knew more.

    Want to know why the iPod is so wildly successful ? In part it’s the interface, but in part it’s the external dimensions. It just looks attractive. Why is that ? Because of the height to width ratio.

    The iPod’s external dimensions are 4.1 by 2.4, a ratio of 1.71. That’s close to the Golden Ratio of 1.618. Think that’s just an accident ?

  5. “Creative appears to be the first music player company to follow Apple’s lead down the multi-colour route”

    ROFLMAO, and that should entice me to buy it HOW?

    “Honey, I really really want a digital music player. You know, one of those, but PINK please”

    “Sure will, sugar, only Apple and Creative offer them in color. Which one you had in mind”

    “Ohh, I do not care, you know, as long as it is PINK. One or the other will be the same”


    What a bunch of friggin idiots. Creative, the color-BLINDED digital player manufacturer.

  6. YUK!


    Just goes to show – you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

    It’s a bloody ugly player anyway without those colours!


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