Pod Secret 1.0 released

Pariahware, Inc. today announced the release of Pod Secret v1.0, a MacOS X & Windows application designed to store encrypted data on an iPod or thumb drive. Pod Secret is made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.

When you are on the go, your private data shouldn’t be on a computer that can be stolen. Keep it safe by copying the “Pod Secret” and “Pod Secret Data” files to removable media such as an iPod or thumb drive. When you need to access your sensitive data, just plug the device into a computer, and your information is at your fingertips. Pod Secret is shareware and only costs $29.95 to register. A 7-day trial period is included. Receive $10.00 off the registration if purchased on or before September 30, 2004.

More info and download link here.


  1. Let me guess, at the end of your trial-period, if you haven’t registered – you as well are locked out from getting any files stored on your iPod until you purchase it.

  2. One advantage to encrypting your data with a not-so-well-known program is the bad guys not only need your password but also the program that may not automatically be on their computer. It’s not fool proof, just an extra layer of security.

  3. Unless you write your password around I do not truly fear of bad guys getting to my password with a 128-bit encryption.
    At least not in time so that stored information are still meaningful.

  4. Too lame.

    It’s an encrypted, password protected NOTEPAD with a user selectable timeout of 1 to 10 minutes.

    I want to store encrypted files on my thumb drive and have them available to either Mac or Windoze.

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