Microsoft to release Virtual PC 7 with G5 compatibility soon

“Microsoft this week will release Virtual PC 7 to manufacturing, after several months of delays, according to MacNN sources. The release of the Windows emulation software for Mac comes after the Mac BU decided to wait for the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2, which was made available earlier this month. Microsoft will also release Office 2004 Professional Edition to manufacturing, the premium version of the company’s Office 2004 bundled with Virtual PC 7. Both the full version of Virtual PC 7 and Office 2004 Professional are expected to be available in retail stores by October… Sources tell MacNN that Microsoft’s Virtual PC 7 will bring better for support for (USB) peripherals, speed improvements, G5 compatibility, dual-processor support, and better native support for graphic cards,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.


  1. To be used only as last nail in the coffin: “Oh but I really need this one sw title and they do not make an OS X version”.

    “What?!” – you scream – “and for just ONE title you put up with all the crap that comes with staying on Windows. Naahh, for that loner get VirtualPC. On the G5 it will perform better than that old PC of yours”


    Now I’ll have to run Windoze software on my beloved G5.

    I can just see the flood of viruses, trojans and spyware complaints coming into my support service.

    “Help my G5 is screwed up!”

    “Are you running Norton Utilites”


    “Your running Virtual PC then”

    “Yes how did you know?”

  3. Glad to see it’s finally coming and I hope it’s a big enough improvement to be worth the long wait. However, other than a handful of legacy apps I rarely ever use, I have no need for Windows anymore. I’ve been able to replace everything I need on a daily basis with superior (except for Quicken) native OS X versions now. I’ll wait and see the reviews on it once it’s out in the wild before deciding if I’ll ever spring for it or not.

  4. ABQ Peter:

    Virtual PC is, ostensibly, just as “good” as Microsoft�s Windows XP, albeit slower owing to emulation. I cannot imagine how Microsoft could produce a virtual version of XP that is actually “better” or more secure than the real thing.

    The only virtual PC I would consider would be one that is Unix-based, produced by Apple, and is cosmetically similar to Windows XP. I think the probability of this occurring is a relatively small. Besides, the thought of XP on my Mac would be like eating from the refuse bin behind Taramind instead of dining inside.

  5. I have to say that I am looking forward to this release to hopefully run win98 a little faster and maybe a dumbed down XP. There are some graphic utilities that are only available on windows and also testing my sites I created on both platforms is easier this way then actually going and buying a PC. BTW – don’t think for a split second I will be paying for this software.

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