Apple, Hewlett-Packard debut new iPod television commericals

Apple and HP on Sunday evening both aired iPod TV commericals during the MTV Video Music Apple’s commercial, entitled “Stereo Rock”, was first featured in Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2004 Keynote earlier this summer. The ad features the company’s black sillouette dancers and “Walkie Talkie Man” by Steriogram and has been posted online by Apple here.

HP’s new television ad for the ‘Apple iPod by HP’ also debuted during the primetime awards ceremony and features “humorous” juxtapositions of people with the “wrong” music genres, for example, a hip hop crowd dancing to Country music.

Of note is that Apple’s commercial ends with the tagline, “PC or Mac,” instead of the “Mac or PC” tag used in all previous iPod/iTunes ads.


  1. Ironc � and sad � that the new HP/Apple iPod ads at the following URL only play with Windows Media Player or RealPlayer installed. What sort of partnership is that?

    I couldn’t even get either player to auto-launch from a PowerBook G4 running OS X v 10.3.5, even though I have both Windows players installed…not even a dialog box announcing an error or that I need a newer version (if that is the case)…

    grrrr… I try and try to give PC software a chance. Time and time again it just doesn’t work ��on PCs or Macs…

  2. That was a pretty good commercial. The jarring caused by the music and the dancing not matching will wake up viewers and help them to remember.

    George do you have the latest realplayer installed? I was having problems before but downloaded the realplayer 10 beta and it seems to be doing OK so far. WMP still only works sometimes though. I have problems with MSNBC. Go figure.

    This one loaded in WMP and was OK though.

  3. Hey i was just curious if anyone knew what that song is called on the coutry dancers, hip hop song ad? Please get back to me as soon as possible a good friend wants to know and i was to help out. Thanks.

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