Microsoft to gut ‘Longhorn’ in attempt to ship in 2006; Avalon faces knife

“According to developer sources, Microsoft is cutting back its Longhorn client’s planned feature set so as to be able to make its current delivery targets: Beta 1 by next year and final release some time in 2006,” Mary Jo Foley and Darryl K. Taft report for Microsoft Watch. “Microsoft is expected to officially announce later on Friday its future roadmap for the desktop version of Longhorn. And while developers and customers who expected they’d be required to rewrite their applications to take advantage of Longhorn may be happy with Microsoft’s roadmap changes, others who were banking on promised Longhorn features, such as the next-generation Windows File System, will be far less so.”

“The end result? Longhorn is going to be a lot more of an evolutionary than a revolutionary Windows release,” Foley and Darryl K. Taft report. “‘Longhorn is going to stop being a whole new thing and more of an XP with a lot of good new stuff,’ said one developer close to Microsoft, who requested anonymity.

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“Cattle mutilation appears to be a phenomenon more common on the MidWest prairies than the Pacific coast, but one steer in particular faces a very nervous weekend: Microsoft’s Longhorn. Microsoft project managers have demanded that features be jettisoned in order for the next major version of Windows to ship as projected by 2006, and the major loser is the new GUI, codenamed Avalon, according to multiple sources who spoke to The Register on condition of anonymity. Features are being ‘decoupled,’ according to current Redmond jargon, meaning they may be introduced at a later date. Or not,” Andrew Orlowski reports for The Register.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: 2006? Yeah, right. Why wait for ‘Longwait,’ when you can smoothly add an already-more-advanced-than-Longhorn Mac OS X ‘Panther’ machine to your computing arsenal right now? Then pick up a copy of Mac OS X ‘Tiger’ in January 2005 and be even further ahead of Microsoft’s “2006” OS. It’s time to add a Mac to your life! (You can thank us later.)

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  1. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Didn’t see this one comign. I love this quote:

    ‘Longhorn is going to stop being a whole new thing and more of an XP with a lot of good new stuff’

    My question is: What was good about the OLD stuf???

  2. Really, what is the surprise here?

    That Microsoft announced something that they later retratct – hardly a new development from the kings of vaporware.

    That Microsoft announced something they discovered they couldn’t deliver to schedule – like Windows 2000 or XP before it, or like various versions of SQL Server or Exchange.

    That Microsoft sucked developers and customers in with a promise of future riches, only for the poor suckers to discover that the whole thing was an elaborate con trick – that’s what comes of relying on a company that employs Apple rejects and is willing to base its entire vision of innovation on plagiarism and deceit.

    I wonder what Thurrott will say�

  3. Turdrott will come up with his usual bullsh*t spin on things I’m sure. No way you can easily spin this into anything remotely positive though. This is horrific news for MS fanboys.

  4. We all know MS follows Apple’s lead. So, whose OS will MS buy to replace longhorn (as Apple bought NextOS to replace Copland)… SCO? PalmOS/Be? or may be FreeBSD (why change the success).

  5. chop, chop, whoops, oh well, didn’t need ethernet…

    snip, snip, whoops, oh well, didn’t need enhanced printing…

    saw, saw, whoops, oh well, sure didn’t need iPod compatibility…

    clip, clip, whoops, oh well, didn’t need the new firewall…

    rip, rip, whoops…didn’t need that…

    bang, bang, whoops…

    crack, crack, whoops…

    (continues for several more months)

    … you get the idea ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. AGAIN?! They said they were cutting back ages ago.. now even more?! Er… What does this do for developers… who were already planning new features, etc.

    Oh well.. Maybe Ballmer offered to take them all out to dinner and break the news. What a sweetheart.

    If they hit Jaguar status by 2008 I will be amazed. Don’t even think about them matching Panther… They’re still working on OS 9

  7. Oh just gut the damn thing.

    I can make Barbacoa, fajita’s, t-bone steak, lengua, ribs, rib-eye and much much more. Pass me the Rudy’s Rub. Bout time it became good stuff. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  8. And there you have it, Mr Thurott. All those hardware requirements and software incompatabilities for Longhorn were just a little too ambitious eh.
    Any comments Mr Thurott? I’m listening…

  9. All you Macinfluff users don’t know your history very well. This is exactly what happened during the OS9 to OSX transition. I guess Microsoft will copy Apple again (hehehe!!!), and be 100x more successful than they were.

  10. I’ll bet that all of those companies that shelled out for an M$ “subscription” are more than a bit pissed that all they got for their dollar is XP SP2 (which everyone else gets for free).

    It is really great to be in such a great position as an Apple Mac user and I am gloating without a bit of guilt. Even with slower than planned CPU development and product upgrades, Apple looks great in comparison to the rest of the field. I have a G5/1.8 (single, not dual) and I am extremely pleased with its operation (even though the IT department is just now beginning to allow MacOS X v10.3 upgrades.

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