‘Apple iPod from HP’ 20GB and 40GB Windows-only white models go on sale

HP today began selling two models of music players, the “Apple iPod from HP 20GB” and the “Apple iPod from HP 40GB,” for US$299 and $399, respectively. The white models, identical to Apple’s 4G iPod models in every way except for the etched HP logo on the back metal casing, are available for purchase now from HPshopping.com. Each model’s product page sports a link to download iTunes and also a link to HP Customer Care’s iTunes support webpage which features sections such as, “How to use iTunes, Tutorials, Top Support Articles, and iTunes Customer Service.”

HP and Apple first announced plans to sell a version of the iPod last January and originally planned to begin selling the music player this summer – which technically, they still did. Shortly after Apple introduced their new 4G iPod, HP stated their intention had been to wait for the latest 4G iPod models before they began selling their models.

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  1. HP is the second largest computer seller/distributor, with an extensive marketing presence in computer stores throughout the US. Of course they’ll sell iPods, if only because it will be convenient to many consumers to buy from HP. That’s good for Apple.
    Go Apple!

  2. HP will sell lots of these, especially because they are white. For the folks that won’t order anything from Apple can now somehow justify the purchase because it is from a PC maker. I’ll be curious to see if the packaging is the same box with HP on it or if they have totally changed the packaging.

    I can certainly see them doing an digital lifestyle package with a crappy/cheap PC, an iPod, printer and camera – all in one box.

    Retailers that alread carry/stock HP products that don’t want to become Apple Authorized Retailers just to sell the iPod now have a way to sell the iPod.

    I’m guessing they (HP/Apple) couldn’t get all the accessory makers to create HP blue accessories. Who is going to put a white iTrip on a blue iPod?

  3. I’m not slagging Apple in any way, but look at the support HP offers with the iPod:

    “One-year limited hardware warranty with 24×7 toll-free technical support. 90-day limited warranty on accessories included inbox with product at time of purchase. iTunes software support provided by Apple”

    This is much better than Apple’s 90 day telephone support (if you don’t purchase AppleCare for iPod).

    If I were in the market for an iPod, the support differences would certainly give me pause…

  4. Although HP claims their “iPod + HP” only works with Windows, the included software features:

    “iTunes for Windows, iTunes for Mac”

    Why would iTunes for Mac be included if not supported by the iPod?


    HP’s version of Apple’s wildly popular iPod digital music player has unofficially been dubbed the hPod, analysts said.

    “The expectation on the iPod is that HP’s version will probably outsell Apple’s version relatively quickly,” analyst Rob Enderle of market research firm Enderle Group said, due to HP’s broad distribution at electronics retailers

    Sure about that… sell more than 4 million hPods.. ooookay…

    Love to see that.. but I’m sure Apple would be furious if HP outsold them (sarcasm)

  6. If the hPod does outsell the iPod I dooubt Apple would give 2 shits, they will still be making MONEY!!! and that’s the bottom line for them. There are still controlling the whole widget.

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