Apple Macs are cheaper than PCs

“At the low end… PC desktops are marginally less expensive than the Macs — if you can do without their connectivity and multimedia capabilities — and considerably more expensive if you can’t. At the very high end, however, all of the design focus is on multimedia processing and the PCs simply aren’t competitive from either hardware or cost perspectives,” Paul Murphy writes for LinuxInsider.

“So, bottom line, are PCs cheaper than Macs? No, despite what you read in the PC press, it’s the other way around. Compare Apples to apples, and Macs are cheaper than PCs,” Murphy writes.

Read Mr. Murphy’s reasoning here.


  1. I just explained this to a PC person ready to switch over to a Mac. She was all hung up on the myth that Macs are soooooo expensive. But after the conversation, she saw the light.

  2. Sorry Charlie…
    You can get a cheap pc for under $300. That is less than half the eMac’s $799 – far from “marginally” cheaper.

    You can get a cheap pc laptop for $598. That is about $500 less than the lowest iBook. Again, not exactly “marginal” for a high school or college student on a budget.

    The features comparison is valid; where Murphy fudges the issue is in the initial cost of entry at the bottom end. And when we talk “cheap” isn’t that what we’re talking about?

  3. Yeah, but that cheap $349 desktop won’t do half of what that $799 eMac will do. So again as the article states, start comparing Apples to Apples, instead of Apples to Crap. You get what you pay for and $349 gets you nothing but cheap crap. Same goes for any $599 laptop you’ll ever find on sale too.

  4. So what? There are not great hordes of Windows users rushing to the nearest Apple Store.

    Why? Ignorance (deficit of knowledge and analytical capacity), prejudice (deficit of character), lack of cash to buy a new computer (deficit of resources), and/or fear of the unfamiliar (deficit of desire).

    Only those Windows users with objectivity, open-mindedness, financial means, and willingness to change will be convinced after reading this article to switch to Mac.

    For the rest of �em, it�s life as usual.

  5. How many folks go to Dell’s web site to purchase the cheap PC and end up spending $1,000 once they option the computer and add software to do what Apple’s iLife suite does? My guess is many end up spending much more than the lowest advertised price. It is a loss leader meant to drive traffic. It works (better than the actual computers do).

  6. Xenon,

    Sure, they’re cheap, but what do you get for your money? On a feature-by-feature comparison, the base Macs give you a lot more. It’s way past time people made the distinction between “cost” and “value”.

  7. “You can get a cheap pc for under $300. That is less than half the eMac’s $799 – far from ‘marginally’ cheaper.”

    Well, as the article points out, the “under $300” PC won’t include ethernet, will have lousy graphics, etc. If you can do without these things, you can pick up a good deal.

    You’re right–if I’m using my PC as a cash register or to print mailing labels for shipping, I certainly don’t need all the extras that an eMac gives me. I’d be silly to spend $799 for a machine if all it was going to do is print mailing labels.

    Also, in order to be “fair”, the person who wrote the article is comparing major manufacturers against major manufacturers. Obviously, your brother could build you a good machine for cheaper than it would cost you to buy an eMac.

  8. xenon, show me some ads for a PC (with Windows included) for under $300.

    Compare what you get with the the cheapo PC to the base model eMac.

    – high quality monitor (have you seen some of the PC monitors?)
    – ethernet built in
    – wireless capable
    – non-Linux OS (it’s not what people use in numbers)
    – CD/DVD-ROM
    – AppleWorks equivalent

    Add it all up and most cheapo PCs are not quite so cheap.

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