Mossberg: Dump your Windows machine and get an Apple Macintosh to free yourself of spyware

“How can you get rid of spyware and how can you avoid it in the first place? One nearly surefire cure is to dump your Windows machine and buy an Apple Macintosh. Almost all spyware is written to run on Windows, and it simply doesn’t work on a Mac, even if it gets downloaded to one,’ Walt Mossberg writes for The Mossberg Report.

“It’s possible to write spyware for a Mac and install it on a Mac, but there’s little incentive to do so because of the Mac’s small market share. Also, the renegade programmers who concoct spyware rarely are expert in writing Mac programs. Those same factors have spared the Mac from any serious virus attacks. So if you owned a Mac, you’d likely be spyware-free,” Mossberg writes.

Full article here.

For information on smoothly adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal, please click here.


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